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Survey: Perception of Hypercompression

Hi all,

I'm an Audio Music Tech student at Nottingham Trent in the UK. As part of my studies, I'm conducting research involving the ability for listeners to compare/deduce specific compressors from others in a listening test.

You don't have to be experienced in critical listening, and what you say/how you describe what you think you hear is just as important.



Re: Survey: Perception of Hypercompression

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Hi, for clarification: This survey is about dynamics compression, not about "mp3ish" audio compression, right?

If I don't reply to your reply, it means I agree with you.

Re: Survey: Perception of Hypercompression

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Just a comment on the testing method: I think it would be better if you picked a short (~10s) sample and made 5 versions out of it that can be played individually, with names ABCDE to match the questionnaire. Makes for an easier and fairer comparison.

Re: Survey: Perception of Hypercompression

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Quite badly designed survey...

Re: Survey: Perception of Hypercompression

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Maybe I should have read the preamble again, but that last question on each section didn't mean anything to me. I just made a random choice each time.
Processed audio in java and python.