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General Audio / Re: Test files needed
Last post by omasciarotte -
Not sure if it’s applicable to your workflows, but I use Katsura Shareware’s AudioTest application to generate the basics. Not good for generating pathological signals like Dirac pulses, but nice for the simple stuff; four spectra of noise, plus sine, triangle, sawtooth, pulse, and variations. The only function I wish it included is warble tones.
CUETools / Re: CUERipper terminates after inserting CD
Last post by michael_funk -

When I download the new build, Chrome tells me the download is suspicious. If I download anyway and unzip, Windows blocks the execution of CUERipper.exe. If I even ignore this and start the program, everything seems to be fine.

Now for the results:

John Patitucci
When the CD is inserted, the app stays open and does not terminate itself. When I start ripping the Cue-File is written and then an error pops up: Exception, Media Error, UNRECOVERED READ ERROR.

West Side Story
Same result.

Drive Plextor PC-891SAF 1JN
John Patitucci
When the CD is inserted, the app stays open and does not terminate itself.
Ripping works without any errors.
AR: Rip acurate. CTDB: Verified OK.

West Side Story
Same result.

Do you need anything more?  :)
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: JScript Panel
Last post by ryepie -
Hello, would it be possible to add grouping by parent folder (directory) for Smooth Browser? I think that would fix my many compilations that lack Album Artists (or they are individually tagged) tags.

Another question is if there is a way to use ReFacets with Smooth Browser.

Sorry if these questions have been asked/answered before, i'm pretty new to all this, thanks!
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_truepeak True Peak Scanner
Last post by Defender -

After googling a lot it seems that for LUFS-I positive values and negative values are both used to talk about the same thing.

It seems as if %truepeak_scanner_track_lufs_i% only has negative values.
Is it correct to assume Truepeak Scanner never publishes positive values?

For display purposes I only report positive values.

I want my routine for displaying LUFS-I and PLR as flexible as possible, so when available I use Truepeak tags and otherwise fallback to RG tags.
When %truepeak_scanner_track_lufs_i% exists, I use that value otherwise I calculate it:
Code: [Select]
$puts(keyval_v,[$replace(%truepeak_scanner_track_lufs_i%,-,, LUFS,)])

Works fine and as far as I can see always gives the same result as the absolute value of %truepeak_scanner_track_lufs_i%.
It also means I can calculate/display LUFS-I if either Truepeak Scanner with/without write RG tags or foobar RG scanner has run.

I use the same function for PLR but in that case I change the first line to:

Works fine too.

The issue I'm having is don't see the truepeak equivalent for %replaygain_track_peak_db%. The tag itself is not displayed in Properties.
I know it is available when foobar RG scan has run and also when I use Truepeak scanner with writing RG values enabled. If I use Truepeak without write RG values enabled the tag is not published.

I'd like to be able to calculate PLR even as %replaygain_track_peak_db% is not available. So I would need something like %truepeak_scanner_track_peak_db% or a way to calculate this value based on the already available truepeak tags.

Is there a way to calculate this peak_db value from available truepeak tags?
Polls / Re: Sound colors of codecs
Last post by TF3RDL -
Low bitrate artifacts aren't coloration.
Refer to C.R.Helmrich post.
Oh, changed my mind (even at low bitrates, lossy compression artifacts aren't "colorize" the sound though it doesn't mean we can't use that to apply "deep fried" meme effect to audio) but what I don't get is what @Klymins actually meant by "sound color" right?
General - (fb2k) / Re: Binary Comparator version 2.0
Last post by dumbbird -
hey there, thanks for the awesome audio comparator taking gap offsets into account. I find it quite useful when i need to compare two audio tracks with different gap offsets - this tool helps to eliminate the difference caused from gap offsets and compare the actual audio.

now, on top of this, im not sure if this tool can be developed into something smarter, to be capable of doing things like:

1. when comparing two audios with different levels of track gain, to eliminate the difference caused by the gain levels and only to compare the real contents of the audio works? Or in other words, given two sets of audio tracks with different gain levels, first step to unify the gain levels, then do the comparison?

2. when comparing two audios with different play speed, to eliminate the difference caused by speed variances and compare the real contents?

I am not sure how valid and how niche these are. It's likely that we are not supposed to rely on binary comparison tools to make such comparisons. and instead, we should make use of more professional audio tools like Adobe Audition etc. to do so.
However, just wondering if there is any tools or methods that are as efficient to use as this binary comparator tool - without having to manually align the offsets/alter the gain levels/unify the play speed in professional audio tools; and be able to return a readable summary of comparison results like what binary comparator tool does.

Thanks for any thoughts/insights in advance!