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Topic: How to compress DSD with WavPack? (moved from General Audio) (Read 5072 times) previous topic - next topic

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Re: How to compress DSD with WavPack? (moved from General Audio)
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Currently there's no way to create native DSD files in Foobar2000 because the converter can only output PCM. For now you'll have to use the wavpack frontend, and add tags afterward with Foobar2000 (or an other tagger).

With the next wavpack release you will also be able to add an option in the frontend to have the ID3 tags in DSF files copied to the wavpack files. You can read a little about this here.

Thanks for the answer but..... such shame it can't be done with Foobar! it'll be far more convenient. Is this something that could be implemented Kode54 or anyone one from the Foobar team?

No probs with the ID3 tags in Foobar, latest 1.0.5  SACD plugin not only play DSD from wv files but also imports them automatically. Don't know about other players though.