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[OPEN SOURCE] cyanrip (release candidate 1)

Release v1.0.0-rc1
For those who don't know cyanrip project, it's a "Fully featured CD ripping program able to take out most of the tedium. Fully accurate, has advanced features most rippers don't, yet has no bloat and is cross-platform."
  • Automatic tag lookup from the MusicBrainz database
  • Encoded and muxed via FFmpeg (currently supports flac, opus, mp3, tta, wavpack, alac, vorbis and aac)
  • Drive offset compensation and error recovery via cd-paranoia
  • Full pregap handling
  • HDCD detection and decoding
  • CD Deemphasis (TOC + subcode)
  • Multi-disc album ripping
  • ReplayGain v2 tagging
  • Able to encode to multiple formats in parallel
  • Cover image embedding in mp3, flac, aac and opus
  • Automatic cover art image downloading
  • Provides and automatically verifies EAC CRC32, AccurateRip V1 and V2 checksums
  • Accurate ripping verification of partially damaged tracks
  • Automatic drive offset finding

Linux installation:
Automated Windows builds
Latest release Windows build
Latest Windows build

If the latest build is broken, you can find older ones in the nightly release page
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Re: [OPEN SOURCE] cyanrip (release candidate 1)

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Interesting, I'm a whipper user so I'll try this out.
WavPack 5.6.0 -b384hx6cmv / qaac64 2.80 -V 100

Re: [OPEN SOURCE] cyanrip (release candidate 1)

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Looking forward to the v1.0.0 Stable release :)

Re: [OPEN SOURCE] cyanrip (release candidate 1)

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will be released a gui to use it?

Re: [OPEN SOURCE] cyanrip (release candidate 1)

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New release out (the author regressed versioning to 0.9.x):



  • ReplayGain 2.0 scanning and tagging
  • Preemphasis detection via both TOC and subchannel
  • Automatic deemphasis
  • CUE file writing
  • Repeat ripping mode for affirmation or badly damaged discs
  • Tagging improvements (setting the media_type tag)
  • Logfile reorganization and checksumming
  • Windows compatibility improvements
  • Migration to new FFmpeg 6.0 APIs
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