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Sounds like wow and flutter from a dodgy tape deck.
2 Mecha: I see the issue... Will fix later today..
Note to self: use 3 numbers in version string.
Have you tried with disabled C2 errors? Please try.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foobar2000 DeskBand Controls
Last post by Mecha -
I ran into a somewhat minor issue, for some reason every time I open foobar it tries to install the plugin even though it's already installed.
I'm not sure if this is intentional or something that should go away after the first install, so I tried uninstalling the plugin and installing it again and I noticed that I simply can't install the plugin from the fb2k-component file nor after the first post-install launch.
If I open foobar with admin rights the installer doesn't appear and if I open it without admin rights the installer does appear but it does nothing (so the integrated installer doesn't work at all cause you can't give it admin rights).
The only way I can install the plugin is running the Install.cmd file in AppData as admin, but then as I said before, every time I open foobar it tries to install it again unless I open foobar as admin.

Not a big issue really but it can be a bit annoying if you open and close foobar a lot, also the system locale had nothing to do with it, it's simply a UAC issue it seems.
Thanks for replies. I also asked my self about plugins or something else but it happens only to this file. I tried the mp3 file on an other PC and it sounds ok so it seems it's something very specific to my main PC, this file and Foobar2000.

I recorded with a mic in front of speakers the end of the file where it's more obvious (at 8") what I hear from Foobar2000.
I have a perhaps silly question about debugging scripts running inside JSPanel. Here's an example error:

JScript Panel (Rating by marc2003): Microsoft JScript runtime error:
'_' is undefined
File: <main>
Line: 13, Col: 1
<source text only available at compile time>

What does "source text only available at compile time" mean? Can I actually see more debug info during... compile time? What does "compile time" mean? Can I somehow debug the C++ component using Visual Studio if I launch foobar? Or can I debug the JS script from a tool such as Webstorm? (although this second variant I guess would be a bit more technically challenging to perform since it requires somehow connecting the IDE to the browser VM running under Foobar).
Sounds normal here too. If it's only happening in FB2K then you likely have some FX switched on, or some 'behind the scenes' SRC is going on maybe?
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foobar2000 DeskBand Controls
Last post by Mecha -
So I updated and had the same problem again (cmd automatically closing as soon as I pressed any key) activating UAC and running as admin fixed it, but it still failed to copy the files. Tried to copy the files manually but that is impossible (they're installed now and explorer is using them) so I tried to copy them with the command window and then I realized what was going on.

Apparently some windows commands like xcopy and others don't work when you have a japanese system locale lol, so I changed it back to US english and now everything works just fine.

Thanks for the update btw, loving your plugin so far  :)
Can't hear anything odd, just a smooth decay with a tiny cutoff after the last strum.

Plugins? DSPs? Output mode?
Is it possible to nerf hyperlinks a bit more?