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Support - (fb2k) / Re: Tags not saving
Last post by Bogozo -
if you are using external tags, then your edits don't get saved into the track files at all and instead to a database or ghost files.  They won't get seen by another FB2K instance
No. "Folder tags" are saved as "folder.tags" files into folder where audio files are. And will be seen by another fb2k instance if it has component installed.
Lossless / Other Codecs / Re: HALAC (High Availability Lossless Audio Compression)
Last post by btc -
Code: [Select]
BUSTA RHYMES(i7 3770k, 20 tracks, Total 829,962,880 bytes)
HALAC NORMAL 1 Thread (ANS) : 4.32 sec, 574,161,601 bytes
HALAC NORMAL 1 Thread (RICE): 3.66 sec, 567,469,774 bytes

Hi, Hakan.
If those numbers are close to real life averages, then HALAC w/Rice  will be  on par with FLAC -4  :)  while still being faster enc/dec.

After -4 Flac doesn't bring groundbreaking compression gains (<1%).

Given that I see myself  (and likely other FLAC users) choosing HALAC w/Rice  if/when format will be solid.
Looking towards  HALAC release 0.3  :)
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: NEW ESLyric v0.5 - an alternative lyric show component
Last post by ngs428 -
In ESLyrics you can hit "ctrl" and "left click" to drag and set the offset, Where is this offset saved to? I hit "ctrl" and "left click" to drag and set the offset, then right click, adjust offset, the offset is there, then I hit OK. The offset value is not saved to the top of the .lrc file and also the timestamps are not changed. Ideally the offset would be applied to the top of the file, then this new command (in Alpha) could be used to apply to the timestamps. Or the timestamps could be adjusted automatically per what that offset is.

Is there another way to do this or am I missing something?
General - (fb2k) / Re: code for playback order
Last post by Defender -
Add panel - Toolbars - Playback Order ?

EDIT: Sorry, misread, not in status bar/windows title. In a Panel Stack Splitter you can use  %ps_playback_order% to display current state.
General - (fb2k) / code for playback order
Last post by _Slipstream -
In my status bar/window title, I'd like to have the info of which playback order is currently active, if it's set to repeat playlist or random. I thought it might just be %playbackorder% but I guess not. Is there a not way I can see which playback order is active without going up to 'Playback > Order'?
General - (fb2k) / Re: What components does fb2k (64-bit) need to play high-res files?
Last post by sveakul -
Ken: I'm getting more than a little confused here. Could you please Reply clarifying the download source for the files I'll need to make my fb2k  64-bit install work with playback of high-resolution files?
With regard to my headphones, I don't do that much listening via cans, so replacing the 701s will have to wait for a while while I absorb the cost of the 'new' (refurbished) T240 laptop. But I'll keep your recommendations on record.
What Ken was referring to initially was the new component foo_input_usdsd, which is designed to replace both foo_input_sacd and foo_dsd_processor.  The new component can be downloaded here:  Its parent folder page on Sourceforge can look confusing because the "Download Latest Version" button on top refers to (and links to) foo_input_sacd instead of foo_input_udsd.

You can stick with the original foo_input_sacd + foo_dsd_processor if you want (as Ken indicated), but to try foo_input_udsd those need to be removed first.  BTW, the actual installation file is INSIDE the zip download--unzip first, then install.  I notice it also adds "Open SA-CD" to the File menu.

There seems to be an "issue" with Windows 11 and players (not just Foobar) being able to find the ASIO drivers (Google "Windows 11 ASIO drivers" to see what I mean).  Unless your DAC supplies its own, normally they are delivered from the motherboard manufacturer either direct from them or via Windows Update.  My Dell XPS-8930 with Windows 10's Realtek ASIO drivers show up just fine in Foobar, but NOT in my Windows 11 Dell XPS-8960.  The ASIO drivers are THERE, they show up in Device Manager and in the system files, but are invisible to Foobar/MusicBee/etc.  While I use Wasapi-exclusive anyway, it still bugs me!

I'm sorry but I can't help with your iFi DAC drivers issue, the best place for that would be the DAC's support site, or you could try Windows 11 Forum.
General - (fb2k) / Re: What components does fb2k (64-bit) need to play high-res files?
Last post by GeorgeNJAudio -
4:10 PM Sunday, July 16: I figured out that the ASIO drivers I need something I have to download from the manufacturer site of my iFi DAC,  so I downloaded their latest drivers *.exe file and installed it. Then, per the instructions from iFi, I went looking for "“Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Sound” so I could 'select “iFi (by AMR) HD + USB Audio” '. BUT "iFi (by AMR) HD + USB Audio” is not one of the available options to select, and since I'm new to Windows 11, I don't know what to do next. Help, somebody?

PS the iFi Audio driver installation instructions read:

"1. To use the newly installed driver, under “Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Sound”, select “iFi (by AMR) HD + USB Audio”. Which as I explained above I cannot do.
2.For software players that support ASIO and/or WASAPI interfaces, we recommend using those interfaces for the best sound. Please refer to each individual player’s instructions for details."
Does that make any difference?