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“Movement” tags not mapping consistently

When reading Movement tags from an MP3 or MP4, foobar2000 maps these to the following fields:


©mvn = %MOVEMENT%

This means there are two possible field names for the same value of “Movement Name”, depending on the file type.

If you have a source file (e.g. FLAC) that uses %MOVEMENT NAME% and convert this to MP3, you get a MVNM tag. However, if you convert the same source file to MP4, you get a custom NAME tag instead of ©mvn.

The reverse applies if you have a source file that uses %MOVEMENT% – you get an MP4 with a ©mvn tag, but the MP3 ends up with a TXXX:MOVEMENT tag instead.

Would it be possible to update the handling of MP4’s ©mvn to map to %MOVEMENT NAME% instead?

(I’d add that MusicBrainz and Mp3tag use %MOVEMENT% for MVIN/©mvi, and %MOVEMENTNAME% for MVNM/©mvn, which could cause tagging issues when using %MOVEMENT% for the Movement Name if using both foobar2000 and Mp3tag for tagging.)


Re: “Movement” tags not mapping consistently

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Noted, thanks for bringing this up.
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