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Topic: How to repair a bad Exhale xHE-AAC audio file (Read 482 times) previous topic - next topic
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How to repair a bad Exhale xHE-AAC audio file

Every now and then I get bad m4a files that are corrupt, but seem to be of the correct size.  Also, no sign of audio playback interruptions.

I am using Exhale for the recordings, which are typically 8 to 20 hours, more or less.

So far, only foobar2000 can play the xHE-AAC, although this is now the standard audio format for  Android and Apple.  I use it because the audio sounds better and transparent at 24 kps for the spoken word, than the grainy Opus files, which is impossible to get rid of under 32 kps.     Usually the files get corrupted if the recording session is interrupted prematurely.  But if I see 11 hours worth of mb is present in a 12 hour recording, I would rather use a tool to uncorrupt the m4a and record the final hour or 20 minutes, rather than trying again from the start.

VLC and foobar, can't convert these corrupt files.  I have tried another program called kernel, which couldn't do it.  So, I am doomed to restart the recording from the start, which can knock back another 24 hours of recording time.

As far as I know, exhale (last checked in late December), could only encode a wav of so many samples per wav, and nothing else.