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For the last eleven years, the Australian radio station Triple J has hosted the Hottest 100, which aims to find the top 100 songs of the previous year. However, some of us think that there are a number of unavoidable problems with this, the most glaring issue being that popular, gimmicky songs often get top billing because they are catchy and were released at precisely the right time. You've probably got a few of these songs in mind. I know that I do.

Anyway, a friend and I decided that it would be fun to find out what songs are the cream of the crop. The 'Jive25' project aims to find the top 25 songs from the entire Hottest 100 collection. Having nothing better to do, I decided to make voting system so that anyone might be able to participate in the fun.

I could explain how the voting system works, but if you are interested you might like to head on over here and register, and read the FAQ. We expect that only the Aussies will be interested in this, but others are more than welcome to participate, as it's just a bit of fun. Eventually we'll have a cut-off date, and the results will be released. We're looking forward to having a countdown, basically it's an excuse for us to have a BBQ and get pissed.

Finally, a number of you will say that there were some excellent songs left off previous Hottest 100's entirely. I agree completely. However, this project is to find out where JJJ went right. Your complaint could be addressed in another project later on.

That link again: Jive25