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Portable wireless music storage options

Hey all.  Loving Foobar2000 mobile for music on the go as I travel often.  However my phone has limited storage space.  I added a flash drive to the Foobar library that attached via USBc to my phone which worked great for a while, until the USB port on my phone got wonky and started cutting out randomly.

So, wondering if anyone has come up with a system using a portable solid state storage device that can connect wirelessly to an Android running Foobar, with the ability for the music folder on that storage device to be added to the Foobar library.  This could not depend on cellular network - often there is no service in my area so it would need to be something that would work between the android phone and the storage device.

I've looked online with not much success.  I find wireless portable routers that can connect to hard drives, but most use proprietary software to move files so it is unclear if it would work with the Foobar app.  Appreciate any info from folks who have figured something out.