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DFX Audio Enhancer for Android

The above link goes to an obsolete music player for Android that is rather tricky to find, since it is hidden in the Google Play Store.

It is an outdated app and apparently is no longer receiving support, but it still works on modern Android. Paired with PowerAmp Equalizer, you've got an audio quality that can't be found anywhere else.

My question is, why don't we see more modern apps doing what this jewel does for music? Many modern players tout a separate audio engine, but does that really make them sound as good as this player?

I just don't understand why this app isn't anymore popular and in widespread use than what it is.

Re: DFX Audio Enhancer for Android

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The philosophy of high fidelity is to accurately reproduce the reproduce the sound without degrading or "enhancing" it. 

If you want to change or enhance it there are various effects such as EQ, compression, or reverb, and each listener will have different preferences.   Or different songs have different issues so you might not want to boost the bass on all songs, or some songs may need more bass boost than others.

Re: DFX Audio Enhancer for Android

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 Are you the Designer of this app?


Re: DFX Audio Enhancer for Android

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iZotope, (makers of Ozone), used to make the best music player enhancer that actually compensated for headphone limitations. It was called OzoneMP, but it also has fallen by the wayside. Perhaps because they figured out they were giving away their $200 software for $29.

It was killer for Winamp.