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FLAC 96Khz to 48Khz conversion


Is it possible to convert FLAC files that have a sample rate of 96Khz down to 48Khz using Foobar2000 or another means. Thank you in advance.

Re: FLAC 96Khz to 48Khz conversion

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foobar2000: In the converter menus, go to Processing and pick a resampler. If you are careless, it will resample regardless of source, so then you should make sure you only select files you want to do apply this to.
Once you go lossy, you could consider whether to reduce any 24 bits to 16 bits also. You find that too in the conversion menu.
Then save the preset as FLACresampleto48 or something.


Re: FLAC 96Khz to 48Khz conversion

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Here is a tutorial someone sent me when i tried to make CDs. Should be adaptable for 48 khz too. Ignore the replaygain Step.

EZPZ ONE CLICK CONVERSIONS TO 16/44 USING FOOBAR (5 minute setup, one click 16/44 saves)
-install component
-right click a music file inside foobar
-convert ...
-select output format -> flac level 8, dither: never; output Bit Depth: 16
-select processing -> replaygain -> source mode 'album', processing 'apply gain and prevent clipping according to peak' and +20db on slider (OPTIONAL, THIS NORMALIZES OUTPUT TO 0dBFS, MUST SCAN REPLAYGAIN BEFORE EVERY CONVERSION)
-select processing again -> DSPs (in order) -> 1st: resampler (dBpoweramp/SSRC) at 44100, 2nd: smart dither w/ 16 bps, 1.0 bits, high pass filter

-right click and convert with saved preset

-convert to hires pcm (24 or 32 bit at 88 or 176 khz) with foo_input_sacd
-scan converted files with replaygain (as 'single album') and save
-right click and convert with saved preset

Not perfect but it is a one and done solution inside a music player that makes decent conversions for the lazy.