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Compile SOX with AAC encoding support?


I'm currently using SOX to MP3 encode raw PCM audio. I normally use AAC, but my version of Sox doesn't have AAC support. The MP3's being produced have lots of clicks and popping noises. An example MP3 is attached.

1. Could I expect AAC encoding to produce a cleaner audio file?
2. Is there any way to compile SOX with AAC encoding support?

Re: Compile SOX with AAC encoding support?

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I can't help you but clicking & popping are not normal MP3 artifacts, so MP3 is not the issue.

I'm just guessing because I don't use SoX or and I don't have a Raspberry PI, but if you're trying to record and encode to MP3 at the same time, you might be running out of processing power and/or you might be getting buffer overflows.