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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: [REQUEST USER-COMPONENT] foo_fanart
Last post by MordredKLB -
I used fanart like a plugin in Kody to organize films and TV Shows and download some art, but never really get into the page itself until today. I take a look at Metallica and there is a lot of different covers, cdarts etc for the same release without an apparent form to refer it to some specific catalog number or something similar. I thought that it will follow the mb_id beyond the artist, but It is a fan art page after all, not a curate database ;).
That makes it more difficult to automatize the process. To do good use of it seems necessary some manual intervention, even having some tool that make it easier.
To be clear artist logos, etc. just use the MUSICBRAINZ_ARTISTID, but releases use MUSICBRAINZ_RELEASEGROUPID. So when you query's API using the RGID from say Back in Black you'd only get front and discArt from that album, even though you can't differentiate between your edition and the ones on

With this in mind, a good option will be an on demand component or script with some kind of selection windows like the one you show. The artist and label only need to run once per reference and the album, well, it will work like the other taggers, you have to do it album by album. Something basic. Destination folders and file names in general option and a picker to the files.

The work of having the last updates must relay to the user, other way we will become lazy.
This was always the plan for Georgia, but I never got around to it. API calls are pretty easy to make and I had intended to do something like query once every 24hr per artist/album combo that was played, and display a "Found missing artwork" button after comparing the JSON response to images the theme knows about, and then clicking on that would replace the UI with image previews and allow you to save them to your specified folders.

It's honestly not even THAT hard to do (although scrolling seems like it'd be a problem), but you might have noticed that Georgia updates are few and far between nowadays since most everybody migrated to Georgia-Reborn. You also can't do it in a tiny panel that anyone could add because there's not a great way to display HTML popups (it can theoretically be done, but boy howdy do I not like doing it).

Anyway TT has convinced me that I should probably get off my lazy ass and just do this so once I finish off georgia-http for http-control (which is coming along AMAZINGLY so far) I'll probably try and knock it out and then let TT add something similar to Reborn.
MP3 - Tech / Re: LAME compiled executable slow!
Last post by Radagast -
What compiler flags were used?  Adding -O2 or -O3 will help a lot if it's not already included by default.  -march=native might help as well.
You hit the nail. I compiled again with those flags and... success!, the -O2 and -O3 optimization flags increase the transcoding speed A LOT (almost as fast as the rarewares binary). I was testing them separately and this is what I got:
* -O2 and -O3 increased speed from 5x (see comments above) to 12x! I found no differences in both flags. The two binaries returned approximately 12.4x.
* -march=native increased speed very slightly (about 13.7x, both with -O2 and -O3). Not significant but any improvement counts.
* Of course, using NASM.
Thanks to all for the help.
Code: [Select]
C:\>lameO3N -b 320 IN.wav OUT.mp3
LAME 3.100 32bits (
CPU features: MMX (ASM used), SSE (ASM used), SSE2
Using polyphase lowpass filter, transition band: 20094 Hz - 20627 Hz
Encoding IN.wav to OUT.mp3
Encoding as 44.1 kHz j-stereo MPEG-1 Layer III (4.4x) 320 kbps qval=3
    Frame          |  CPU time/estim | REAL time/estim | play/CPU |    ETA
  5624/5624  (100%)|    0:10/    0:10|    0:10/    0:10|   13.756x|    0:00
   kbps        LR    MS  %     long switch short %
  320.0       93.1   6.9        91.0   5.2   3.8
Writing LAME Tag...done
ReplayGain: -3.2dB
P.D: I couldn't test your binaries. The first one was indeed not 32 bit, and in the most recent ones, the 32bit version (I use Win7 32bit, old PC) throws me the classic ".exe stopped working".
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: [REQUEST USER-COMPONENT] foo_fanart
Last post by TT -
Thanks guys,

@MordredKLB, thanks for your insight how works. I see you already thought about this thoroughly and
I clearly see your pointed out problems, I didn't know about the vote system...
Your described second solution seems to be the best, but I would have no idea how you would implement some sort of preview!?
So I guess manual right click context menu > Download stuff would be the best without hammering

And then there is @zeremy!
From a quick look of your code you've posted, this seems to be exactly the stuff I need!? I'll definitely try it out, thanks!
There seems to be a great force that has guided me to your stuff zeremy. Believe it or not, I was working on some new
progress bar styles after I've implemented @regor 's waveform bar into Georgia-ReBORN and then by "coincidence",
I've stumbled upon a post you've written as a comment on Mordred's Georgia theme on reddit.
That post included a really cool js script for the old VU Meter component you've offered to Mordred, a modern peak meter script of yours.
Based of your old code, I've rewrote and implemented it in my theme and it's nearly finished as I'm writing this. And now you've introduced your theme Project2018 to me, that already had this cool peak meter and the stuff, this really is some wild "coincidence" :)
I will add additional credits to you zeremy, thanks!

Btw, I only knew about your footuner theme up till now, why did you not publish your theme also on Github like you did with footuner and maintain it?
From the look of your 5 year old reddit post, it looks really cool!

MP3 - Tech / Re: LAME compiled executable slow!
Last post by Replica9000 -
Ignore the previous build.  It's not 32-bit, it's 64-bit.  These builds might be slightly faster anyway.

Tested on a 1.022GB WAV file.  Testing on Win7 x64 (VM).
Rarewares version =  CPU time: 1:08  Play/CPU: 90.450x
My Build (W32) = CPU time: 1:08  Play/CPU: 90.539x
My Build (W64) = CPU time: 1:05  Play/CPU: 95.403x

CD Hardware/Software / Help Finding Database of Anomalies in CD Album Titles
Last post by nmxny24 -
I 'm racking my brain and scouring my pc trying to remember at what forum someone posted the link to a database (possibly in association with Stereophile) which compiled countless CD albums with one or more recorded defects. It may have been an online list of CDs with stereo tracks that are out of phase, those with  a high number of intersample overs or other such anomalies.

Please advise.
General - (fb2k) / Step by step guide to use simplified ratings (Favorite/Like/♥) with foobar2000
Last post by loopernow -
Step By Step Guide To Favoriting Songs with Foobar v 1.6.10

(I have used Step by step guide to use ratings with foobar2000 0.9.5 as a template for this guide, changing the explanations where necessary and keeping the original explanations otherwise. That guide shows you how to rate your songs on a scale from 1 to 5 with keyboard shortcuts. This guide is for a simpler rating system of either favorited or not, similar to the "Liked" heart icon on Spotify. Thank you to jayjo for the original guide, which helped me figure out this similar system.)

This guide will show you how to "Like" or "Favorite" a song with a keyboard shortcut, display a ♥ in a "Favorite" column in your playlist for each song you've favorited, and save that status to the Rating tag of an mp3. You will also be able to remove the heart (♥) with a separate keyboard shortcut.

These steps use the existing features of the most current Foobar version with just one additional component "Quick Tagger", which is officially supported by Foobar.

Step 1: Get Quick Tagger which is needed to update the "Rating" tag. We will use the Rating tag to "favorite" songs.
Download: Quick Tagger from
Then add this plugin to Foobar by going to Foobar Preferences -> Components, then clicking the Install... button. In the pop-up dialog box, navigate to where you downloaded the Quick Tagger plugin and double-click on the plugin file. The plugin will be installed.

Step 2: Set Up Rating column in playlists to display a ♥ next to favorited songs (songs with certain high Rating tag values)
Open Foobar Preferences -> Display -> Default User Interface -> Playlist View
Under Custom Columns, Click "Add New" button

Set Name To:      
Code: [Select]
Set Pattern To:   
Code: [Select]
$ifequal($meta(rating),4,♥,) $ifequal($meta(rating),5,♥,)

This adds a column called "Favorite" to our playlists. If a song has a Rating tag value of 4 or 5, a ♥ symbol will be displayed in the column. If the song's Rating tag has any other value, such as 3, 2, 1, or 0, or no value at all, the heart will not be displayed.

(You can name the column whatever you want--you can call it "Liked" if you want, for example. It doesn't have to be called "Favorite" if you prefer a different title.)

Step 3: Add "Rating" to Preferences box
Open Foobar Preferences -> Advanced -> Display -> Properties Dialog -> Standard Fields.
Add "Rating=RATING;" to the end of the string
Now when you open the properties field of a file or group of files, you can change the rating for single or multiple files, just like you can for other properties.

Step 4: Set Up Quick Tagger for "Rating" tag
Open Foobar Preferences -> Tools -> Tagging -> Quick Tagger
Click "Add New" button

Field Name:
Code: [Select]
(It must be Rating, so that the Rating tag is the tag that is updated)

Values (semicolon-separated):
Code: [Select]
0; 5

This will allow you to assign a song's Rating tag a value of either 0 or 5. A Rating tag value of 5 will display a ♥ in the Favorites column in your playlist. A Ratings tag value of 0 will result in an empty Favorite column for that file.

Under this you'll see another box:
Require confirmation before processing more [ ] tracks

Set this to 1 if you don't want confirmation for single updates. Set to a very high number if you never want confirmation on multiple file updates.

Now that this is done, you can <right click> on your song to change the rating.  Choose "Tagging -> Quick Tagger -> Set <Rating> To -> 0 or 5.

Step 5: Set up quick keyboard shortcuts to update the Rating tag
Open Foobar Preferences -> General -> Keyboard Shortcuts
Click "Add New" button

Filter List by: Rating
You'll See: Tagging -> Quick Tagger -> Set <Rating> to
Underneath are the values set in Step 3 (e.g. 0 and 5)
Click on 5.

Key: Click in this box, then press the key or key combination you want for setting the Rating tag value to 5 ("favoriting" a song).

I suggest a key combination of Ctrl plus "=" (equals sign, the key where the "+" symbol is).

Click Apply.

Now click "Add New" button again. Under Tagging -> Quick Tagger -> Set <Rating> to, click on 0 (zero).

Key: Click in this box, then press the key or key combination you want for setting the Rating to 0.

For "unfavoriting" a song, I suggest Ctrl plus "-" (minus sign).

Click Apply.

Click the OK button. Now everything should work.