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Tip - Copy without correction files

Suppose you want to copy an album or collection to a space constrained device.
Some applications don't handle the .wvc anyway so its wasted space.
Normally, Its a bit tricky to not get the wvc files copied.

In Windows I made a simple batch file; WVON.bat

@echo off
attrib +s +h *.wvc /s

Setting hidden + system attributes hides the .wvc files so it all looks much cleaner.
I confirm that playback in FB2K is lossless. Copy / move operations via explorer will ignore .wvc by
default. Your backup apps should include hidden and system files as the only precaution.

To revert everything back to normal; Use WVOFF.bat;

@echo off
attrib -s -h *.wvc /s

Re: Tip - Copy without correction files

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This is very cool, thanks!

Unfortunately I'm not a Windows user and Linux has no equivalent that I'm aware of (hidden files are renamed, and copied by default), but I have run into this exact issue. What I usually end up doing is copying the entire folder(s) and then manually deleting the .wvc files from the target. Alternatively, you can manually create the folders and then select and copy just the .wv files, but neither of these is ideal.

Re: Tip - Copy without correction files

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With Total Commander (or one of its alternatives that works on Linux) you can just enter |*.wvc in the second field of the copy dialog.

Re: Tip - Copy without correction files

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Total Commander has an option to define which filetypes will you copy. In this case, in "Only files of this type" field enter *.wv and *.jpg if you have album art, or whichever other extension, and it will copy everything with these extensions, leaving out everything else.

Re: Tip - Copy without correction files

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I see that Double Commander is an equivalent utility available for Linux. I'll give that a shot.

Sometimes I'm also copying over FTP (like with Foobar2000) and just found that FileZilla also has the ability to specify file filters (and probably some other FTP clients do too). Of course, Foobar will play the correction files, but if you never use the lossy WavPack files by themselves you're sort of missing the point...   8)