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Re: WavPack decoding complexity vs FLAC

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As portables would use only the .WV , decoding isn't an issue for playback.
It becomes more noticeable on PC again not in playback, but other operations like
re-encoding, replaygain etc, very high sample rates, bitdepths...
For playback -hh is fine on PC and portables from last decade or two. For non-cd audio and
file operations, going for something lighter might be preferred (-hx4 or -x4-6)

Re: WavPack decoding complexity vs FLAC

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To compete and beat flac -8,  WV -h without -x would best it in all practical aspects while avoiding
the -hh decoding.  -hx4 is interesting if you have time. The encoding cost isn't that much,
it can match or even beat -hh while being faster to decode. The normal mode is also interesting
as it is the workhorse mode and faster yet. It could be close to flac -8 - it used to beat it in the past by a bit.
-x4 would certainly beat flac -8 without without much overhead. -x6 if you have time maybe a bit more.
Though -hhx6 is the 'best', It may bring out the worse aspects in ways I described.