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General - (fb2k) / Re: Quiet Foobar2000
Last post by Klymins -
@Case All of they are "<not set>". I also tried to set different bit depths for the exclusive output and the result is same. This volume difference also occurs on my monitor's tiny builtin speakers. Edit: Interestingly, looks like this volume difference occurs only at some specific audio files. This occurs at some MP3's and some WAV's too, but not all MP3's. And, not all of the 11025Hz MP3's. I'm really confused. Here's a link to two test files: . NoVolumeDifference.mp3 is by the flash game Blox Forever, and VolumeDifference.mp3 is by EightGames's flash games.

Edit 2: Also, I tried to change my setting under "Preamp" but they could not increase or decrase the volume. They did nothing.

Edit 3: This volume decrase is happening only for mono files? I'm trying to verify this. Edit 4: Yes, this is only happening at mono files. I also tried with a MP3 that is containing mono and stereo frames in the same stream (I made it in notepad) and the volume is decreasing for mono frames but not for stereo frames.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Quiet Foobar2000
Last post by Case -
This is getting interesting. You could verify that there are no strange DSPs configured for non-exclusive output. Preferences -> Playback -> Output -> Devices. By default the 'DSP' column should have '<not set>' for all outputs. But one could for example automatically configure crossfeed for headphone output here and such nice automations.

You can measure the volume difference for example using Audacity. Unfortunately you can't record the exclusive output on the same computer so the comparison needs to be performed against another player.
Once Audacity is installed and running open the Preferences page under Edit menu (or Ctrl+P). On the 'Audio Settings' section make sure WASAPI interface is in use and select your output device as recording device. It should show up on the list with 'loopback' added to its name.
Start recording and play a short test file with both players. It's best to keep looping and such off so you get the same audio from both sources. You can then paint the audible parts of the recorded playback in the editor and use 'Analyze' -> 'Measure RMS' to get RMS loudness of the audio. You can substract the difference of the total RMS values from the two recordings to get the loudness difference. Note that the recorded silence affects the results, that's why you can't just analyze the full recordings directly.
Support - (fb2k) / delay/silence moving the seekbar with dbpoweramp/ssrc resampler on
Last post by francesco -
I have found a strange glitch or behavior with dbpoweramp/ssrc resampler in the dsp , when i move the seek bar forward or backward there is a delay with silence about 1 sec or more

foobar2000 v2.1.5 32bit portable with few components just for testing , windows 7 sp1 64bit pro , windows 10 pro 64bit ,Windows 11 23H2 64bit pro and Windows 10 22H2 pro 64bit , on several laptops with different dacs and cpu with these settings and i have tried to increase/decrease the buffer without luck

I have found out it's the dbpoweramp/ssrc resampler component build in with these components

but if i change the resampler to sox resampler compiled by @Case   here I guess it's the last version is 0.8.7+   the problem does disapear , no lag/delay/silence anymore

I have posted here because i tought it's the build in foobar resampler ,and i got the same glitch or behavior on several laptops and cpu

General - (fb2k) / Re: Quiet Foobar2000
Last post by Klymins -
@Case You're right, but I could not find any way to make the volume higher for the non-exclusive mode. I lowered the volume from the mixer and then increased it again but that did not solve the problem. Hardclip did not help, too. Do you have another suggestions? At least for detecting the amount of the volume that is lowered?
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_truepeak True Peak Scanner
Last post by Case -
1) Who do I address asking to make the size of the Preferences screen resizable which saving current dimensions upon exiting Preferences.
That would be Peter of course. But I'm not certain it can be done. All existing components are coded for the static size. Compatibility is a powerful force with foobar2000 - originally v2.0 was supposed to be a clean break with just 64-bit support but compatibility with old stuff won there too.

2) [...] it would be quite nice if all metadata created by TPS would have it's own grouping under Truepeak Scanner.
Would that be possible to do this (or alternatively have the TPS tags grouped with Replaygain)?
I don't think existing category can be expanded by a third party component, but I can create own category. I'll keep this in mind.

Apologies, I had the foo_arg RG component confused with the foo_dsp_replaygain RG component below, as they both describe themselves as "Alternative ReplayGain".
That makes sense. My DSP doesn't affect any scanning results as it's just a DSP. It's of course safe to use for applying gain correction during playback or in converter (though smart mode selection only works during playback).
Support - (fb2k) / Re: foobar2000 don't search subfolders of ..\..\music\mods folder ???
Last post by Case -
I'm only confused as to why you do everything irrelevant and don't respond to relevant points.
I don't know why, but I actually created a VHD file called D:\Moddery.vhd, size 2 GB. Formatted it as NTFS with quick formatting. Mounted it as K:. Then created a directory K:\Music and extracted your zip to K:\Music\Mods. Then I installed a fresh portable foobar2000 version and installed a module decoder component there. Then pointed the media library to K:\Music location and foobar2000 succesfully scanned 643 tracks with this module decoder. I assume it's correct amount with all subsongs. Media Library reports no issues and there are only 505 files.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_truepeak True Peak Scanner
Last post by Blew -
That component completely breaks the math used in RG scanner and the results can have several dB differences to correct loudness estimation. It also seems to break true peak scanning of the first party RG scanner, the results are not from oversampled data. I see no sense in using it at all.
Apologies, I had the foo_arg RG component confused with the foo_dsp_replaygain RG component below, as they both describe themselves as "Alternative ReplayGain".