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CD Hardware/Software / Re: CD rip has numerous timing problems
Last post by korth -
A few things that may cause timing problems:
Disc flaws,
label scratched or separating from polycarbonate,
scuffed, scratched or cloudy polycarbonate,
drive may have an issue with the reflective properties of a particular CD,
CD spinning too fast,
and probably more I can't think of.

Multiple attempts to read once can be expected.
CUERipper is able to do C2 error correction in Burst mode so up to 15 re-reads are possible if C2 error correction support detected.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_vis_spectrum_analyzer
Last post by Defender -

When you use a horizontal peakmeter (in 100% scaling) alignment is perfect if you do not use a legend on top or bottom. The topmost bar will align with the top of the panel and the bottom bar will align with the bottom of the panel when panel height is allotted by me calculated by channels x barheight + gauge size x (channels-1).

The moment I display 1 or 2 horizontal legends the bottom bar does not align anymore with the bottom of the window you paint in the panel I allotted. There is always a gap of 2 pixels between the bottom of the bar and the bottom of the window you paint (left side legend displays channels in full panel height). The same gap is on top, but that one is not noticed that much because the legend is on top of it.

As a result I cannot align the bottom of the bottombar with all other plugins I display. I cannot compensate for this behavior since 1) I do not know if a legend is displayed and 2) even if I lower the panel by 2 pixels that would still not align since in that case the left legend would be displayed too low.

Can you please change this behavior and use the 2 pixels below bottombar and 2 pixels above topbar (and under top legend) for bar display (there's still plenty of space to the legend on top of the topbar)?