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easy audio copy advanced options

Hello, I own easy audio copy and its a great program. There is a small exe file (from same developer) called advanced options that one can download to change settings in ezac. No one in the world so far has been able to figure out why i cannot open this small exe file. it just doesnt want to load.  Things I have tried: Uninstalled ezac and reinstalled, deleted the advanced options file because it doesnt show up in my program list to uninstall and then redownloaded it, ran virus and malware scans, Ive asked the eac user group, Ive spoken to Microsoft about it, Ive changed my user profile, ive googled it. Nothing.
No one can seem to figure out why I cannot open this file. I Can open the file on another windows 10 computer that I have but not the one I usually work on. Does anyone have any ideas short of reinstalling windows 10 which I am trying to avoid? Appreciate any help. thanks.

Re: easy audio copy advanced options

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Easy Audio Copy has its own forum
though there isn't much activity there.

So you ruled out Windows [group] policy settings blocking access
(including an Alternate Data Stream flag (see pic))?
If you see this security warning when you right-click and select 'Properties', you'll need to Unblock

Re: easy audio copy advanced options

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Have you checked if there is entry in windows logs?
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Re: easy audio copy advanced options

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thx for responses. I saw no security warnings upon clicking on properties. Then I found event viewer ( never used this before) for apps. I found several errors falling into 2 categories: 'unhandled exception' and 'faulting module-kernalbase.dll' I didnt want to copy the whole error on this board because I thought it may be too much.