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General - (fb2k) / Re: ReFacets
Last post by Atronach -
The "Items" column, when present in the "Album Artist" pane, counts all the tracks from all albums instead of reading in the albums count only. So now, I'm getting insane numbers in that column, like "111" when there's actually just a dozen of albums from the album artist. It works like what I'm after in the old Facets component. The individual tracks count should be applicable only in the "Album" pane.
I'm just reading Facets documentation and I can see there's what I'm looking for:
Code: [Select]
Items: Number of tracks.
Subitems: Number of subitems in the next pane.

So the "Items" column behaves as it should now but "Subitems" column is what's missing in the current stable ReFacets. And I can see it's already requested. Sorry.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Biography Discussion
Last post by WilB -
Thanks for the feedback. I've changed it for the next version

Thanks for the update to Arrow Rock radio

Regarding filmstrip, I've put some custom styles in my layout, but so far I haven't seen an issue. If I encounter it I'll add a fix.

In the meantime are you sure you're not inadvertently clicking layout > filmstrip > top/right/bottom/left menu item which looks fairly similar and which does auto-enable the filmstrip? You could also try clearing panel properties (backup first if you made changes you want to keep) to see if that resolves the issue.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Library Tree Discussion
Last post by WilB -
what's your perspective of a 64 bits JavaScript container for your Library Tree package?
When there is a 64 bit version of Spider Monkey Panel, library tree will be 64 bit compatible. There has been significant development of Spider Monkey Panel recently, e.g.

So there is cause for cautious optimism...

By default, Spider Monkey Panel limits it's memory use to I believe 1GB for ALL Spider Monkey Panel scripts in the layout. Loading the library into library tree requires a certain amount of memory for each panel depending on how big the library is and images displayed. So it's not surprising there is a memory issue with 33+ panels.

If you really want that number of panels, you can try increasing the memory available to Spider Monkey Panel in advanced > spider monkey panel > performance > GC > maximum heap size, subject to the amount of memory installed on your system.

They're internal delimiters library tree uses to process $colour{} functions, to colour parts of a line etc differently.

However, view by folder structure is a hard coded foobar2000 pattern that isn't user editable. So it should never contain such colour codes.

So I'm perplexed as to how it happens.

I tried toggling to and from view by folder structure and a view that uses the colour codes, and it all behaved.

You could try clearing panel properties (backup first if you've made changes you want to keep). If the issue persists, please try and post exact steps to reproduce including any patterns etc. Alternatively, you could: 1) export panel properties from a problematical instance of library tree; 2) import the panel properties into a new library tree panel to confirm that the issue is still present; 3) then if the issue is still present, post the panel properties and I'll take a look.
Recycle Bin / Re: Windows 10 Lock Screen Display
Last post by Griggsy -
Perhaps this feature has been removed, or a new option exists. Check your Foobar settings to see if there is a specific option to enable it. Sometimes software updates can change or disable certain features.

Contact Foobar support or community forums if you can't find the appropriate settings. They can provide more specific recommendations or let you know if a feature has been removed.
General - (fb2k) / Re: foobar2000 v2.1 bugs
Last post by Case -
Anything on console? The exclusive mode should report buffer underruns on console. The output bug that was just fixed affected the code path where smooth fader was off, afaik smooth-fader-on mode should be unaffected by that.

Anyway, if this is a new issue it can be a bug that needs fixing. Fixing things is difficult if they can't be reproduced, so any more details you can give to replicate the problem should be helpful.
foobar2000 mobile / Re: Adding album cover art
Last post by pyr452 -
Huh, that's somewhat odd since AFAIK the desktop version supports PNG cover art (along with WebP and GIF files).
Maybe Peter reads this and fixes/implements the other file formats.
General - (fb2k) / Re: foobar2000 v2.1 bugs
Last post by pawel_na_a -
It happens in a clean portable install with exclusive output and smooth fading on.
So I turned off smooth fader and so far stuttering didn't occured.
Thanks for help.