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Development - (fb2k) / Re: Confused about the meta data API
Last post by pqyt -
OK. Solved. Turns out the code was right but the test was wrong: I forgot to use the $info() titleformatting function, again.

Even setting the info tag 1 time for the first chunk works; no need to keep setting it.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: JScript Panel
Last post by Defender -
How do I get  the current state of PlaybackOrder in jscript3?

In WSHpanel fb.PlaybackOrder is available and contains the state. This is not available in jscript2/jscript3 to my knowledge.

However if you change the playbackorder from a jscript button the value of fb.PlaybackOrder within WSH has been changed accordingly (including the graphical display based on this value).

I need this value to be "known" in jscript to show a jscript button with an image displaying the current state of PBO.

Is there a global state variable available in jscript I'm overlooking?
General - (fb2k) / Re: ReFacets
Last post by ApacheReal -
In ReFacets, for those who don't have a mouse but use the keyboard, is it possible to move between one column and another with the keyboard?

Should special shortcuts be created?

General - (fb2k) / Re: DTS decoding in foobar v2
Last post by Bogozo -
If DTS "96/24" is detected as 24-bit by now, it seems not logical that DTS "High Resolution Audio" is not detected as 24-bit. Sample -

BTW, DTS "96/24" (and "High Resolution Audio" too) can actually be created from 16-bit source. Samples - Somehow Mediainfo is able to distinguish between "96/24" and "High Resolution Audio" from 24-bit and 16-bit source.