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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: JScript Panel script discussion/help
Last post by Cosmik Vek -
I am using the panel pre-configured with the "Text Display" sample
and I have not touched anything in the JS code,
but I have tweaked some of the options from the context menu to display the custom text that I want
and to also display the album cover as the background.

But, something that I really want but can't seem to get working is just trying to add a simple blur to this album cover BG.
I have tried coding this myself and other snippets I have found from here produced JS errors.

So, it would be of great help to know how I can make it all work!

I have the latest version of both FB2K (2.0 / 32 bits) and the JScript 3.0 panel.
Thanks in advance for any help!
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_enhanced_spectrum_analyzer
Last post by TF3RDL -
How about a spectrogram display in-addition to spectrum display like showcqt visualization?

BTW, I made the spectrum analyzer similar to Crossover's component and it features linear amplitude scale, which is useful for easily visualizing peaks
I meant something like this:
where spectrum is at top and spectrogram is at bottom, scrolling from top to bottom just like this FFmpeg filter mentioned before
General Music Discussion / Re: Epic Games is eliminating 16% of its workforce and selling Bandcamp
Last post by Porcus -
They bought Bandcamp only a year and a half ago. Might be that they have done what they wanted to it already, might be that since it was (allegedly intended to be) operated pretty much stand-alone it is easier to spin off when they find out they are short on cash ...
... might be that right now they found a buyer? According to the CNBC story:

Sweeney also announced Epic will sell its music platform Bandcamp, which it acquired last year, to Songtradr, a music licensing platform.
Songtradr said in a separate post that it “will continue to operate Bandcamp as a marketplace and music community with an artist-first revenue share.”

The new owner:
General Music Discussion / Epic Games is eliminating 16% of its workforce and selling Bandcamp
Last post by soundping -
Epic Games on Thursday said it’s laying off 16% of its workforce, selling its music platform Bandcamp and spinning off most of its SuperAwesome services.

In a memo Epic shared on its website, CEO Tim Sweeney said about two-thirds of the roughly 830 job cuts will be “outside of core development,” so the company is reducing costs without interrupting major plans. He said Epic, which develops and publishes video games such as Fortnite, had been working to cut spending on things including marketing and events, but “concluded that layoffs are the only way” to reach financial stability.

The rest of the story...
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: NEW ESLyric v0.5 - an alternative lyric show component
Last post by sveakul -
This is directed towards version .5.4.1011 of ESLyric, which was released recently with many changes and a much larger amount of lyric source searcher scripts (when downloaded from its Prefs/Lyric Sources/Get More link)--23 in total.  Most of the latter were donated by user TT of Georgia Re-Born theme fame.

On the ESLyric Github page you can  see a list of the improvements at the release page but will need to use a translator if you do not read Chinese.  The setup is much like previous version .5.4.1008, and in my usage some of the listed improvements are not immediately obvious.  However the retrieval speed is noticeably faster, practically leaping into the panel;  I use it in a Foobar panel and for unsynced lyrics only.  As with previous releases, it has the detailed ability for the user to modify searches using regex scripts of their own making.

A setback from .5.4.1008 is that if I move the lyrics up/down on the panel, then minimize Foobar, the display for the next song will not restart at the top panel but be somewhere in the middle when the player is maximized again.  Sometimes it will happen without the min/max process but just when the song changes.  This did not happen with 1008, all new songs' lyrics displays would always begin at the top margin (acc. to user settings).

My workaround was to return to 1008, and manually add the extra searcher scripts from TT from his link here: .  I also manually replaced the included parsers with TT's refactored/tuned versions (these are not included in the 1011 download): .

The above combo works great for me as a 64-bit lyrics retriever for Foobar v.2.1 64-bit.  Unfortunately the only competition, OpenLyrics, seems stuck at its April release and only 4 properly operating English lyrics sources.
General - (fb2k) / QAAC Error 2 in latest Foobar 2.00 x64 - Please help
Last post by iphoneman -
I had to do a reinstall of system, and reinstall Foobar.

I downloaded 2.79 zip file, unzipped it to a folder, and now it looks like this:


In this folder, unzipped, are:

Converting WAV files, AAC 127, source folder

It asks me where qacc is, and I point to the qacc64 in the x64 folder, and I get this error for each file:

Source: "J:\Tidal Music - Officlal M\temp-delete\230606_0350.wav"
  An error occurred while writing to file (The encoder has terminated prematurely with code 2 (0x00000002); please re-check parameters) : "J:\Tidal Music - Officlal M\temp-delete\230606_0350.m4a"
  Additional information:
  Encoder stream format: 96000Hz / 2ch / 24bps
  Command line: qaac64.exe --ignorelength -s --no-optimize -V 127 -o "230606_0350.m4a" -
  Working folder: J:\Tidal Music - Officlal M\temp-delete\
  Conversion failed: The encoder has terminated prematurely with code 2 (0x00000002); please re-check parameters


MOD edit: added QAAC to title