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4.1 encoding

I am trying to encode a 4.1 96KHz 24bit WAV file (with WaveFormatExTensible LRLfeLsRs) to FLAC 1.2.0a using Foobar (command line: -s -8 - -o %d --channel-map=none). However this fails giving the following error:

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Error flushing file (Object not found) : file://C:\TEMP\track-01.flac

Other 5.1 24bit 96KHz/48Khz files work fine.

I have tried:

- Using flac 1.2.1b. This does result in a flac file. However this one is not playable. Playback (both with Foobar and 0.9.5b8[) gives errors like reporting a way to long file length (25 minutes instead of 1), seek errors and
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'Decoding failure at 1:11.765 (Unsupported format or corrupted file):

- Using Foobar in stead of to encode. Fails.

- Converting the 4.1 WAV files to 5.1 WAV files (WaveFormatExTensible LRCLfeLsRs) and then convert to FLAC 1.2.0a: Works!

- Using WavPack 4.41: Works!

So I have two questions:
  • Is there something wrong with 4.1 encoding with flac (all versions)?
  • Why is 5.1 encoding broken with flac 1.2.1b, even when decoding using libflac 1.2.x as found in foobar 0.9.5b8?


4.1 encoding

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if "flac -t" works on your flac file, the problem is probably in the player.  with that channel order you should not need --channel-map=none, but if you do (i.e. channel mask is not 0x0037 or 0x0607), apps are not required to support non-standard channel orderings.  to know how to map channels they have to be able to parse the WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE_CHANNEL_MASK tag.