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General Audio / Re: (Free) Software to analyze HD and DSD tracks?
Last post by magicgoose -
It would be more revealing to look at the spectrogram which is 3 dimension graph (time, frequency, energy). This image doesn't show how it changes over time.
But given the "hill" at the right side on this image I can tell it's a conversion from DSD with high confidence.
is it normal PCM dithering?
if there are more than 20 bits and you see it on the spectrogram without any amplification then it's not normal PCM dithering.
it's either DSD noise leftovers, or just a noisy record.
Then there is a surprising peak at 15 kHz
I bet this is just record noise.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Option buttons - problem
Last post by Tropoje -
In that case, check what you have set as the item group for that button (in the dialog where you select the command).
You're right, the problem caused a wrong setting on the "Item group" card. I had set to "Now playing item" and it should be "Active selection". Thank you very much for your help, now everything works as expected.

Audio Hardware / Re: Subwoofer advice needed
Last post by andy o -
So a takeaway from this is that for example in a regular home theater, if you have two subs and those fancy new receivers with 2 sub outputs, it's better to actually run the subs as stereo by passing through the front L and R channels, and routing the LFE channel to those as well, than to connect the subs to their respective outputs? AFAIK those two sub outputs are still mono, only independently equalized.
General Audio / Re: (Free) Software to analyze HD and DSD tracks?
Last post by 16Bit Audiophile -
Before I move on, let's see if I am doing this correctly.

So I took a 192/24 track and loaded it with Audacity.

First thing to notice is the big noise wall on the right. This should be the typical noise-shaping of DSD. Or is it normal PCM dithering? Anyway, it's not useful information, it should have been cut off.
Then there is a surprising peak at 15 kHz. Listening to the track, there are no high-pitched instruments (drums, contra bass, banjo, tuba, bari sax) so it has to be hiss from the recording. (I also don't know any instrument that would peak that high.) The same goes for all subsequent peaks.
If I increase the resolution, there is more noise from 0 to 30 Hz (peaks at 12 Hz) at -49 dB, which is just 22 dBu apart from the highest SPL. Not sure why one need 24 bit resolution for that kind of information...

Source: Dr. Chesky's Ultimate Headphone Demonstration Disc
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