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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_youtube
Last post by proto -
Whenever I try to search for a youtube playlist [View-Youtube Search] it gives me back a list of random videos that have nothing to do with the playlist link I put in. I'm using the current BETA version [2.0 beta8]

Imgur Link

Playlist link that I want to search -
NCS | NoCopyrightSounds All Uploads

Any Help would be appreciated!

Validated News / Re: Foobar2000 (Mobile Edition)
Last post by apollo18 -
I use m3u playlists on my Android because they're easy to generate from my desktop database (since they consist of only a relative path and file name). Foobar plays them but, regardless of whether I browse to a playlist file from the music folder, or specifically by adding the playlist folder to the list of playlist folders, the files are not sorted and do not play in the order in which they are listed, nor are they sorted by track number.

Example (omitting relative path names):

1 Andante - Allegro Non Troppo.mp3
2 Andante Con Moto.mp3
3 Scherzo--Allegro Vivace.mp3
4 Finale--Allegro Vivace.mp3

Foobar displays and plays the list in this order:

1 Andante - Allegro Non Troppo.mp3
3 Scherzo--Allegro Vivace.mp3
2 Andante Con Moto.mp3
4 Finale--Allegro Vivace.mp3

This is about having foobar play an album's tracks in the original order.  When I use the Library Tree to send a whole album (or multiple albums) to a playlist it arrives with the tracks in an odd order.   I know I can click on the tracknumber column to sort it, but it would be best if it was in that order by default, especially when using autoplay, and it messes up grouped multiple albums if you do it. 

I did a bit of searching, and the only suggestion I have found is to rename the filenames to have the track number at the start.  This works well,   except I can't help wondering if there is a config item somewhere in foobar that let's it sort according the the track number from the metadata.

Related to this,  I don't see a way, using foobar's built in CD ripper, to add tracknumbers to the start of the filenames it produces.  This means I have to go back and rename the files after ripping.

Support - (fb2k) / Re: Library update after file rename?
Last post by mefoo -
thanks for the clarification
Audio Hardware / Re: Interview Time
Last post by greynol -
Here's the deal:

The idiots who would want such a thing are the same people who reject anything digital in the signal chain.

If the idea is to see whether you can fool someone in a blind test, the same thing applies: idiot believers won't take the test and will contort logic beyond all recognition fabricating all sorts of reasons why any properly administered test of a competent algorithm doesn't show any true positives.
It seems Ghost is back at being in limbo:

IgorC: did you do this on their talk page: ┬ŽD

Monty's page says "Copyright 2011" and I doubt there has been any changes to it since. has a thing for silly sounding names, their project name on the forefront of that, etc. But also "Vorbis", "Daala", "Ogg".
I was discussing this not too long ago, and the consensus is, that Opus creates somewhat meaningful codecs at 10kb/s and above, so I'm not sure these endeavours even make sense.
Audio Hardware / Re: Interview Time
Last post by polemon -
I really don't see the point, TBH.

it's more of a theoretical exercise i guess. if the whole point of tube amps is their particular distortion profile, then wouldn't it be much cheaper and easier to simply emulate those distortions with some DSP and a proper solid state amp? it's pretty much what Carver did himself as that wiki i linked to shows...

It might be easier to emulate those and cheaper to run them, but the problem is: they wouldn't sell. It'd be like emulating the sound of a different engine in your car through the speaker system. I know some cars actually do that, but with tube amps, that's kinda their main selling point. Having an "emulated amp" is just not gonna sell.

It's like selling homeopathy: homeopathic "medicine" isn't sold because it works, but because people want it.
If there is possibility for a new codec in future that will be available for internet community that will be Ghost (or whatever it will be called).

Ghost can improve quality  comparing to Opus more than considerably as it can use higher latencies (100-200ms) and some additional complexity. Today ARM chips  can decode at least 2x-4x complexity of Opus without dropping smartphone's battery life.
I wait for that day so eagerly. They are dropping some serious promises/targets on the table. This format could be a real game changer if and when it will be a thing. I hope we won't have to wait so long for it.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_discogs
Last post by LecoOliveira -
Hi everyone,
from some time, when I use Discogs tagger in foobar  (tagging > Discogs > Write tags..) I have the answer:

(FATAL) Error: Authorization Failed (401) [Is OAuth working?](url:

[ESCAPE to close]

I also went in configuration panel, but I did not find a solution for this...
Someone could help me with this issue? Thank you!
How do you solved this problem? The same is happening with me.