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MP3 - Tech / Re: Clipping in MP3
Last post by Kraeved -
Oh, so I'm not alone in this quest of dealing with MP3 clipping.

I often come across 44 kHz 16 bit lossless songs with True Peak between -0.5dB and 0dB, which is calculated using the recommended EBUR128 of Foobar2000 player. When converting to MP3 using LAME, I see that True Peak changes noticeably, it becomes between+0.5dB and +1.5dB, sometimes even higher. By trial and error, I found that using a preamp of -1.5dB in the conversion chain helps keeping True Peak in MP3 files around 0. But it's a manual method, more suitable when all songs to be converted have no headroom to spare, and if any song has enough headroom on its own, its volume seems to be reduced for nothing. So what is the best course of action here, or am I worrying in vain?

I see the solution was to use MP3Gain app. I tried it and didn't understand how to automate the workflow properly. It allows me to considerably lower the volume of an audio file ('apply Track gain', much like Replaygain does) or raise it without going above zero ('apply Max No-clip gain'). But how to automatically process only clipped MP3 without making the rest of them sound too quiet or too loud? That is, if lossless TP is -1.5dB and MP3 TP is 1.5dB, make the latter slightly below 0, not say -7dB. And if lossless TP is -15dB and MP3 TP is -13.5dB, then do not touch it at all.

For example, LAME 3.99.5 has an option --clip-detect which offers a proper --scale # flag after processing an audio file to eliminate the clipping if one is detected, but, as you may guess, it requires two manual passes.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Widows 11 - Audio Tray desync
Last post by verbal_666 -
Installed a clean version of W11, and the issue was solved.
I also resolved a great issue with Bluetooth 5.x in W11 when upgrading from W10.
I can say upgrading W10 to W11 is a bad process, it's full of problems after... install a clean fresh W11 👍
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_vis_spectrum_analyzer
Last post by pqyt -
v0.7.1.0-rc-1, 2024-02-26

* New: The style of the graph description background can be specified.
* New: A marker for the Nyquist frequency can be enabled on the Styles page.
* Improved: The frequency tooltip tries to stay within borders of the component.
* Fixed: The graph description will not be shown when it is left empty or when its color source is set to "None".
* Fixed: The gradient brushes were not recreated when the graph was resized.
* Fixed: X-axis scaling did not obey the selected scaling function.
* Fixed: Most visual elements with color source "None" ignored the setting.

You can download it only from GitHub for now.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: JScript Panel
Last post by Gabriel Schwartz -
3.4.8 internal font related changes. It does nothing to address the JSPlaylist script error reported above but I hope any future errors point somewhere else in the code. If it does, it will give me a better idea of what is wrong.

edit: hardly worth mentioning but the JSPlaylist state column can now display 3 digit queue indexes. I think when it was written, the queue limit was 64 which was OK but since it was updated to 256, it got truncated.

I'll try this fix altough I found that this is actually a CUI problem.
I opened the settings and all the Font size were 0.
I change them to 12 and it's working.
No idea how it worked with 0 font size as it was set to all types.
Strange but now it works.
MP3 - Tech / Re: lame3995o
Last post by Kraeved -
@TheQwertiest, have you managed to build LAME 3.100 with halb27's patches?

Also, I'm curious how to make lame3995o use mp3packer when encoding via Foobar2000. Both utils are located in some folder mentioned in PATH variable under Windows and work as expected in the bare command line, but for some reason mp3packer is not used by lame3995o when encoding via Foobar2000. Any help here would be appreciated.