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Exact Audio Copy 1.0 beta3

EAC 1.0 beta3 is out

September 22, 2011

The released beta 3 of EAC is probably the first really stable 1.0 version, as many more bugs are fixed. For an exact list, please read the News.rtf file, which is stored in the EAC directory by the installer (and which can be accessed via the start menu).
This version includes the CTDB plugin written by Gregory Chudov. It will not be installed by default, you need to check the plugin option in the installer. If everything works as expected, the next version of EAC will come with the CTDB plugin installed by default. So try it out now!


Exact Audio Copy 1.0 beta3

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What’s new in version 1.0 beta 3

- Added the CTDB (CUETools Database), which can test complete CD rips against an online checksum (like AccurateRip, but CD based) and submits error correction data which can be used by others on defective CDs with an external application.
- Fixed a problem with track duration in e.g. filename creation for the last track of a CD
- Using UNC paths will now work (again)
- Several database issues (e.g. max database size was 256 MB)
- Translations for the metadata plugins
- Sometimes the metadata provider plugins were not loaded
- In some cases the options window of the metadata plugins could not be opened
- Options of the freedb metadata plugin are not stored over EAC sessions (in some cases)
- LAME DLL produces defective, stuttering MP3s (bug exists since 1.0 beta 1!). By the way, it seems that only LAME.DLL (VC6 compiled) is compatible with EAC...
- Codec compression crashes/hangs EAC in some extraction modes when "Use multiple external compressors" is used
- CD Autostart deactivation should work now
- Fixed some writing to the wrong registry key
- Removed "No use of null samples for CRC calculations" (null samples are now always used for CRC)
- EAC does not activate Windows 7 system window shadows anymore
- Some drives were only extracting very slow, this should be fixed now (but in some rare cases, some drives might have started caching now)
- The possible command line parameters replacement strings are now listed in the appropriate tooltip
- Covers can be named freely using (nearly) the same replacement strings (also listed in the tooltip)
- If no email address was specified, the information dialog now offers to open the appropriate options page
- The freedb and GD3 plugins are now translated. The language used is the one selected in EACs options
- The beeping when the compression queue gets empty is only issued when the extraction has finished (thus only once per CD)
- Fixed a crash when writing ID3 tags with lyrics with a length greater than a few kb
- Fixed a crash when using CDs with 99 tracks (or around that limit)
- The dialog asking whether files should be overwritten is now displayed at the very beginning of the extraction and not at the time when a file would actually be overwritten.
- The overwrite information dialog is now also shown when overwriting a file using a commandline compressor (fixed bug)
- CD-Text extraction is nearly completly rewritten, can now also extract composer
- The taskbar icon will now show the status (green/red) until all status windows are closed
- The final tracknumber of the last CD are stored over EAC sessions, so it is possible to continue a CD tracknumbering from a previous run of EAC
- There are new placeholders for track number formatting in the command line parameters (%tracknr1%,%tracknr2% and %tracknr3%, the number is the minimum number of digits used)
- The EAC installer will now abort installation on Windows 2000 or previous versions (as they are not supported anymore anyway)
- Profiles from beta 1 and beta 2 can be loaded with this version (beta 2 could not load beta 1 profiles)

Thanks to Andre Wiethoff

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