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Title: Audio file saved as DVD RAW data?
Post by: Event2020 on 2021-02-22 16:04:51
I have received a bunch of audio files that are DVD RAW Data and my question is how can I convert these back to normal files so that I may open them?

Naturally I have checked via a google search but nearly all the results relate to image files saved as RAW DATA.

I really would appreciate any help.

Many thanks.
Title: Re: Audio file saved as DVD RAW data?
Post by: DVDdoug on 2021-02-22 17:47:11
I'm not sure what that means...   If they are uncompressed audio-only you can import them in Audacity (https://www.audacityteam.org/) but you'll have to guess the format parameters.  Try 48kHz, 16-bit stereo to start.   With 16 bits you can try an offset of 0 or 1 to get the bits in the correct order.*   With 24-bits, try 0, 1, or 2.   And, you'll mostly just have to experiment with the other settings.  

If you can open it in Audacity, you can export in the format of your choice.     (Except Audacity doesn't "author" DVDs.)

If it's compressed or if the audio & video are multiplexed importing the raw data won't work (you'll get pure noise).   The file size might be a clue...  If the file is smaller than a WAV file (of equal playing time) it's compressed.   If it's larger it's probably an audio/video file.

You can also try installing the optional Audacity FFmpeg import/export library.    If the files are compressed (and/or multiplexed with video) there's a good chance that FFmpeg can determine the format and open the files normally.

* There are 8 bits in a byte so an odd or even offset should work, but the left & right channels might be reversed.