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Default UI Gallery

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Default UI Gallery

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The foobar beta is fantastic. The following config uses DefaultUI with Frank Bicking's FANTASTIC facets plugin (think browser plugin without the sluggishness), foobar's builtin album art viewer and the new playlist manager. The entire configuration took > 3 mins to make.

Default UI Gallery

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Well, we've had the new Interface for about a week, I'd like to see what some of you are doing with it.

Here's mine:

The Visual Style I'm using is Black Mesa.

Default UI Gallery

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Download theme file here.

Default UI Gallery

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Aiming for minimalism.  Could always be more minimal.

Default UI Gallery

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Default UI Gallery

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This is mine, the facets component really brings new life to music browsing. fast and easy great stuff...

Default UI Gallery

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Here is my config

Another view

And here is the config file

Default UI Gallery

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Here is my new layout. On the left is my desktop I wanted to see what you guys thought of my now playing display (also the wings score (top of the league now!!)). I'm gonna call this "More complicated on screen" see comment.

The theme is lakrits. IMO the most useful dark theme there is.
I love π

Default UI Gallery

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Here is my take on foobar2000's new default UI, which is quite lovely in my opinion.

I use foo_dockable_panels to add the Channel Spectrum Analyzer to the player, though it seems it never remembers the instance of being called so I have to do it every session...oh well, small price to pay.
EDIT: It seems to apply to Egoh Spectrum, channel spectrum is remembered.

I change the colors to match whatever I feel like using, also a Vista Ultimate x64 user.

Enjoy or don't.
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Default UI Gallery

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A week after using foobar 0.9.5 beta with my title formatting:

"I never thought I'd see this much candy in one mission!"

Default UI Gallery

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not ragging or anything but that is the complete opposite of "easy on the eyes" that i can think of

I've been telling him that for some time. Much respect to lex 

Here's mine btw:

we was young an' full of beans

Default UI Gallery

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goodbye columns.. you were great while you lasted. I hope components get ported to the new default UI. That white space at the right side of my layout would look great with a peakmeter.

Default UI Gallery

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finally an easy way to customize the layout. here's my first attempt.

based on skelly831's layout. thanks!

Default UI Gallery

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Here's what I've got, modeled off one I saw in the appearance thread:
Full size here.

Default UI Gallery

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Here's my setup for my widescreen

Default UI Gallery

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This is mine


Default UI Gallery

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Tweaked mine a bit:

I use this as a no cover image for those interested.

Default UI Gallery

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Here it is. Plain, but easy to for me!

Default UI Gallery

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Mine fb, simple, may be a little strange.

Default UI Gallery

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Tweaked mine a bit:

Wow,Your Windows theme is pretty good~~Here's mine.......

Which more simple but can easier find tracks.....

Ps?I'm sorry and thank you,Frank Bicking~~~

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