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Topic: Foobar mutes itself with SACD DSD playing randomly (Read 314 times) previous topic - next topic
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Foobar mutes itself with SACD DSD playing randomly

When I play a single SACD, foobar2000 is randomly muting or there's no sound playing but the seekbar is moving and no forced-mute is happening. It's just that the sound is gone but If I restart the music to play again, it will play and there's a sound.

Any idea on what could be the problem?

DAC: JCally JM20

PC: i5 4690 + 16Gb RAM


Re: Foobar mutes itself with SACD DSD playing randomly

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Sounds like a NaN escaped into the floating point output, which tends to mess it up until it's stopped and restarted. macOS does the same thing if you let a NaN escape into floating point output.