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Playlists Location on Android

anybody knows where the playlists are stored on Android devices?
I'd like to edit them via file manager/text editor as it's way quicker than inside the app.

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Re: Playlists Location on Android

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Not something which interests many it seems... :(
WavPack 5.4.0 -b384hx6cmv / qaac64 2.73 -V 100

Re: Playlists Location on Android

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The application container. In an internal SQLite based format. It's also not exactly pure SQLite, as it's just using SQLite as a container, and storing binary blobs of metadata per row.

Re: Playlists Location on Android

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I have hunted to find these many times.  Any way to export these though, like for a phone migration or easier PC editing??

I may have successfully retrieved some VLC playlist XML files from it's subfolder under the Android one, so I would want it that easily accessible.

As an alternative, I have been making screenshots to construct an m3u8 text-based playlist file using relative paths to the root of my music library in a playlist folder to avoid this trouble again :(.