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MP3 / Re: best mp3 encoder with something better than a command line interface?
Last post by BrilliantBob -
IMO lame v3.100 is the best .mp3 encoder.

If you want to know what lame.exe really can do, you must recompile the source code with all the dev settings unlocked. Now I realized the .mp3 format is not dead; can be used even for high quality encoding, with the .mp3 file size +7x smaller than the .wav format.

By the way, use some good quality speakers to hear the differences;  my subwoofer make 20 Hz audible signal and the best vibration output is at 34 Hz -3dB.

I made a small bat file to automate the finding of the best scale when I encode with lame.

Code: [Select]
@echo off
color 1E
echo  Ý                                          ÚÄÄÄ¿Þ
echo  Ý         LAME v3.100 64bit unleashed      ³ û ³Þ
echo  Ý                                          ÀÄÄÄÙÞ
echo. ßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßß

:: highpass filter disabled. polyphase lowpass filter disabled
:: using short blocks if better
:: interchannel masking ratio: 0.0002
:: using joint stereo for better compression
::      for access to dev settings (--help dev) put "#define _ALLOW_INTERNAL_OPTIONS 1" in parse.c and compile
:: default lame psychoacustic tuning:                        --ns-bass -0.5 --ns-alto -0.25 --ns-treble -0.025 --ns-sfb21 0.5
:: adjusted masking (more clear and selective sounds, noise out): bass=-1 dB,    alto=-0.5 dB,   treble=-0.275 dB,  sfb21=0 dB

lame.exe -mj --ns-bass -0.5 --ns-alto -0.25 --ns-treble -0.25 --ns-sfb21 -0.25 --short --verbose -q0 -b320 --cbr -c --resample 48 --highpass 0.001 --lowpass -1 --clipdetect aaa.wav out.mp3 --bitwidth 24 --interch 0.0002 --scale 1.5

echo -------------------
Set /P _link=new scale:
echo -------------------
lame.exe -mj --ns-bass -0.5 --ns-alto -0.25 --ns-treble -0.25 --ns-sfb21 -0.25 --short --verbose -q0 -b320 --cbr -c --resample 48 --highpass 0.001 --lowpass -1 --clipdetect aaa.wav out.mp3 --bitwidth 24 --interch 0.0002 --scale %_link%

echo ----------------------------
     Set /P _abort=exit? (y, *):
echo ----------------------------
If /i "%_abort%"=="Y" goto step2
If /i "%_abort%"=="y" goto step2
goto step1
P.S.- Before the .mp3 encoding, I used some wave editor to make sounds better for me.

Lossless / Other Codecs / Re: Which is the best lossless codec?
Last post by Porcus -
So what's stopping you?
Apart from two pages trying to get certain users understand that one should first get facts right AND establish consensus over what is important and what is not?

(FWIW, I also agree with @lvqcl that it makes sense to rewrite it.)

But heck, I removed the password feature from TTA pros (and left it in "other"). So, one down. The facts on the rest, anyone?

Audio Hardware / Re: Help me build my first serious music (stereo) system
Last post by bdunham7 -
Currently I have Denon AVR-1613 receiver with Klipsch F-30 tower speakers. To be honest, I do not like the way they sound. I can't really explain it but they sound a little harsh...

OK, so you already have a 'real' system, but you aren't happy with it.  That's actually a good place to start.

So, a bunch more questions:

1) Do you have a carpet in the room?
2) Have you run the Audyssey room correction?
3) If so, do you have the option of viewing the results in a menu (it will look like a sort of rough EQ graph) and
4) Do you use the Audyssey, Audyssey Flat, L/R Bypass or Off settings? (if you have them)
5) To the extent you can tell, is the harshness in the upper-midbass region 150-250 Hz or midrange 1-2Khz?  Or elsewhere?
6) Does it change if you get up and walk around, sit on the floor, etc?
7) Lastly (for today), how old are you and do you have any hearing problems (tinnitus, etc) or are you exposed to loud noise?

Support - (fb2k) / Re: (FB2k v1.4) Random crashes
Last post by Serivas -
Hey, I just thought of something... FB2000 will always save the current playlist when it closes properly, right? Despite me adding stuff to the playlist, it never actually saves that and always loads into the same spot from before all this started happening.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: (FB2k v1.4) Random crashes
Last post by Serivas -
This is from a video game installed on Steam, Red Orchestra. It's a WW2 simulation shooter. Those are Unreal shader files. Those would not be openable by anything but the Unreal Engine. Those were the last lines in the log, however.
FLAC / Re: FLAC support in a Sony device that shouldn't play it. Anyone able
Last post by archer1960 -
Assuming not many members on HA have the aforementioned player,  I wonder if anyone could shed some light on why this undocumented FLAC playback happens where there should be none, as Sony claims the device should only play WAV, AAC and WMA, besides MP3.

In case someone else owns it (or want to try this on a different  model), it can be emulated by just following the (very simple) instructions bellow. If you don't but still feel like you can answer the question above, please be my guest.

For those not really willing to watch the youtube video, all there is to it is:

On your PC, place a single MP3 file into a folder with FLAC files and once you connect the external drive/memory stick into the player and navigate to the right folder, press play to start the MP3 playback, then press the advance/return buttons on the RC unit: the next played track will be one of the FLAC files. Simples!

The only drawbacks I've seen so far are the APE tags not being shown (of course), but you can still see the file name displayed.
Also the bitrate displayed is a low fixed one (320Kbps or lower), as if from an MP3. But, heck, the playback works like a charm!

The author of the video says you should rename the MP3 in a way that it comes first in the file name list (a zero in front of it will suffice).
I tested it myself and it works without any renaming, but when out of order, the MP3 song gets to be played among the FLAC ones, as if it were on shuffle mode - and that's unwanted when you're playing, say, another artist's album.

Other than those two quips, I've been listening to a FLAC-encoded AC/DC double album for the last hour or so with no skips or cacophonous noise whatsoever.

So, what's your opinion?  A simple Sony undocumented feature?
I know there can possibly be no WAV conversion or the like, so, I'm puzzled.

Two likely possibilities that I can think of: (1) a "feature" that they didn't feel like fully fleshing out, thinking that it wasn't worth the effort, or (2) a feature that they wanted to reserve for a higher-priced model, but didn't fully disable. I found that my BDP-S590 can play .flac files from a USB stick if I simply change the file extension from .flac to .mp3. So obviously the capability is in the core of the operating system. If I don't change the extension, it doesn't recognize it as a playable file.
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