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Support - (fb2k) / Re: %CONTENT GROUP% mapping error
Last post by thomian -
With the new mapping you now must use $if(), where you didn't before, because a mixture of Grouping and Content Group now exist. Select a set of FLAC/WavPack files, add Grouping, two fields appear instead of one. This obscure field is promoted to a standard, but only half-way because Apev2 isn't affected. This new mapping is in no way "compatible with old foobar2000 versions", because the mapping didn't exist until the current version.

This problem would be solved, if all tags are mapped to %grouping% instead of %content group%.
Mapping to %grouping% may even reduce coding effort, because remapping of Vorbis, APE, WavPack etc. would be unnecessary. The tags of MP3, M4A and WMA have to be mapped anyway.
Scientific Discussion / Re: Help me understand why sound is one dimensional
Last post by silverprout -
IMHO the 1D point of view don't conceptualize the reality because all audio measurements are performed by people who have the sound field in mind.

If a person has a picture of what they expect the sound field to be -- and then uses a singular real data point, aren't they really sustituting 'fake' (not necessarily invalid) effective data points for real ones?  No matter what you are imagining, there has to be some kind of framework -- and in space, there are normally 3 dimensions.  One can abstractly create more dimensions for some kind of analysis purpose, but in reality there are three dimensions in space.   Adding more dimensions isn't just describing space, but rather some kind of hyperspace (no scifi here.)

We have a tension, an intensity and time at the input of the loudspeaker coil, we can also try to link the voltage and the intensity through an imaginary thing called phase... also linked with the coil motion... and the air motion... abstraction is infinitely complex.
I only matter about what i'm imagining when i perform a measurement, the loudspeaker surface is radiating within two modes, a pistonic and radiative motion that generate a complex soundfield composed of a cloud of air of physical elementary particles moving relatively coherentely with the emissive surfaces when you are close to them and doing unpredictible things when you get farther (everyting is also highly impacted by the signals)
You should also add all the reflexions and the air volume when you are in a room, as you are probably awared of expertise is everthing and a clever measurement can validate a very complex theory.
If we don't matter about how many dimensions to use, could you say if there is a way to beat a human brain in this field of competence ?

... i'm not as intelligent as Garry Kasparov, but deeper blue is still biting the dust.

Audio Hardware / Re: may i know your favorite headphone?
Last post by jjb70 -
A kind and generous person stole my Sony MDR-Z7's. Looking at replacements I'd have been happy with another pair of Z7's but the UK distributor of Beyerdynamic was selling "B" stock 2 gen T5P's on EBay for £399. I liked the T5P (I have friends who used them so was familiar with the model) but the UK SRP is more than I'd be willing to spend on a pair of headphones. However at £399 it was worth a go so I went for it, despite being called "B" stock the item was unopened and new and I suspect that the distributor has over stocked and are marketing these as "B" stock to avoid devaluing shop stock by advertising it as a 50% discount on regular new stock. I'm delighted with them, and they can easily be driven to a sensible volume directly from my smartphone and tablet and sound terrific without needing a separate headphone amp or DAC. For any other British users of this forum who have had an interest in these headphones but baulked at the cost they should check this opportunity out.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_dsp_effect
Last post by JohnTravolski -
This new version is great, but there is one peculiarity I noticed.  With the playback rate section, if I exit foobar with the playback rate section enabled (and, say, for example, the playback rate at -10%), then whenever I open foobar again, the playback rate will say 0% and the "enabled" checkbox will be turned off.  Despite what the GUI displays, however, the playback rate of the audio remains at -10%.  As soon as I click "enabled" again, then it immediately jumps back to 0%.

Basically, the actual playback rate remains the same, but the GUI doesn't display it correctly after closing and opening foobar.
CUETools / Re: Manually fixing a rip offset
Last post by Porcus -
I'm not quite sure a simple offset would introduce such artefacts in an otherwise completely perfectly ripped audio CD [...]

... and the rest of what you point out, means that if the track boundary is so way off as to be audible, the offset issue could be when the master was produced, rather than when the CD was ripped (and +48 samples @1/44100 seconds won't be that much, eh?)

Support - (fb2k) / Media Library Search vs. Playlist Viewer Window Inconsistencies
Last post by JohnTravolski -
I have noticed a few inconsistencies between the media library search and the playlist viewer windows in Foobar2000; I'm not sure if these are by design or possibly bugs.  I am running foobar2000 v1.4 beta 17 for reference.

  • When I resize the windows, the column widths of the media library search shrink while the column widths of the playlist viewer stay the same.  I would prefer the column widths to always stay the same, but I'm not sure what the intended effect was.  Here's an image of what I mean:

    Notice how the column widths of the media library search got smaller while the columns of the playlist viewer stayed the same.  I would prefer it if columns would stay the same in both cases.
  • Whenever I have a lot of columns in the playlist viewer and they're all spread out so that you cannot see them all, you get a horizontal scrollbar to see the other details columns.  This horizontal scrollbar does not appear in the media library search when the columns extend off screen, as illustrated below.

General Audio / Re: Strange frequency spike near 18kHz in song
Last post by blurry_light -
Would it be possible for you to do a frequency analysis like I did in Audacity for these two tracks of yours?
Since Audacity is unable to analyze whole tracks, because they are long, only parts with loud high frequencies are analyzed:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Hm, very interesting. So the higher frequencies get progressively more prominent all the way up the Nyquist frequency. In my track, the spurious frequency manifests as a peak, with lower values in its immediate vicinity; note the downward trend from the peak all the way to the Nyquist frequency.

I think from this we can probably conclude that these are two different phenomena, right? One (mine) is potentially a spurious frequency introduced due to whatever reason, the other (Rollin's two tracks) seem to have had a liberal and deliberate amount of EQ boost applied in the treble frequencies due to artistic choice/"sounded better to the artist and/or the engineer".
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Autosave & Autobackup (foo_jesus)
Last post by MordredKLB -
I do not know if it is a bug or whatever but;

after five days of trying and waiting I have come to the conclusion that this component is causing:

deletions of the cover art of the first file in random folders

I installed several components lately and after removing all of them and leaving this one for the last after installing one by one again, the problem has not appeared when I had this one left to install. That is why I think the problem is for this particular component.

Apart from that, the component is somehow confusing because I do not know exactly what does exactly backup and how can I restore the backups. I know the instructions are probably here but since I will uninstall it for good I will not check it anyways.

This wouldn't be possible. foo_jesus doesn't touch any of your files. It forces a save of the index-dbs and playlists (I can show you the SDK calls if you want), and then zips everything up into a directory you specify. It wouldn't have access to your library.
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