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General Audio / Re: wires
Last post by biloute -
but in the U.S.

But not here  ;D  You pay inheritance tax just above $8,000.

And if I give you, as a friend, $100K you'll pay 60% in tax to the state.

I don't know exactly how art deal works but if I buy you a banana with duct tape for $100K you could keep the full amount and just pay a little tax like 6% + 0.5% because it's a work of art.

3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_chronflow – Coverflow
Last post by sasalasa -
Oh, there was a solution already..! thankyou!
But I haver one more problem..
Is it possible to show covers that I select on library?
Actually, I am using another coverflow script made by Br3tt ( )
In that coverflow, the list of coverflow changes according to the list that I chose.
(ex. if I chose folder A, coverflow shows covers inside A)
Other Lossy Codecs / Re: exhale - Open Source USAC encoder
Last post by 1337Rainboom -
Is it just my imagination or does Exhale have some slight underwater/muffled distortion and weirdness with the stereo compared to other HE-AAC encoders?  It's pretty minor but now that I notice it, it bugs me a little... I don't think it's just my imagination
It almost sounds like the stereo is slightly widened from the original audio?
I wonder if the muffled sound is because it's removing a lot of loud 2khz+ frequencies and replacing with quieter ones
AAC / Re: Updated AAC Encoder from China
Last post by john33 -
Well, I've tried it, I've compiled it and it seems to produce a result that would be worthy of testing by those with ears a lot better than mine. ;)
General Audio / Re: wires
Last post by DVDdoug -
Contemporary art is exempted from taxes, capital gain, inheritance tax, etc...
I'm not a tax expert but in the U.S. it's like any other asset.  If you sell that banana for $200K you owe taxes on the profit (long term or short-term capital gains if you are not the original artist.)  You'd also have to pay inheritance tax if you otherwise have to pay inheritance...   If that's the only thing you inherit, $100K is not enough to "qualify" for inheritance tax. 

In reality if you inherited it, you could claim it's only worth 50 cents, or worthless (probably true!).   But if you inherit it and claim it's worthless but sell it later, that's a capital gain. 

If you sell it at a loss you MIGHT be able to claim it as a tax-loss but you MIGHT have to sell something else for a profit in the same year and then you can offset the profits.  

If you are the artist (or in the art business) it's just regular revenue and it goes on the income side of your balance sheet.    The cost of the banana at the grocery store and the duct tape from the hardware store goes on the expense-side.  :D :D :D  Or if you are the art dealer and you paid $100K, that obviously goes on the expense side too.  

It's a good way for legally moving money from hand to hand. Hence the $100K banana.
And an awesome profit tor the artist (which will be taxed).  If you can sell one fruit a day you're doing pretty good and I wouldn't complain about the taxes! I'd be laughing all the way to the IRS!  :D :D :D  
foobar2000 mobile / Android App UI for Desktop/Steamdeck?
Last post by hirschma -
I've grown accustomed to the Android GUI. Is there a way to replicate it for the desktop Windows version?

I have foobar2000 running nicely using Wine, but having the desktop UI on the Steamdeck small screen just doesn't work all that well.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_youtube
Last post by MojoBass -
No poblems on my side to load the included Triptunes playlist without error via File>Youtube Source>Load channel or playlist...
I guess you already thoroughly went through this thread and implemented the hints which have been given above (yt-dlp, Prefer youtube-dl over internal analyzer etc).. Maybe upgrade to 3.8.1b1 helps.
General Audio / Re: wires
Last post by biloute -
When there's too much money, somebody is there to soak it up.

That's the new banana taped to the wall.

Contemporary art is exempted from taxes, capital gain, inheritance tax, etc... Anything.
It's a good way for legally moving money from hand to hand. Hence the $100K banana.