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Opus / Re: Can anyone reliably ABX OPUS at 160kbps?
Last post by ThaCrip -
My opinion here is that if you're not starved for storage space, just encode everything at 192kbps and forget about it. Even if the bitrate is higher than needed, who cares?

While I don't think one could really fault you for saying that when you got storage space to burn, I think it's more of the thought of wasting storage space. basically it's mainly a efficiency thing why I avoid the higher bit rate settings.

when it comes to Opus I see 96kbps, or 128kbps tops, as the 'use it and forget about it' setting and it's still efficient at those rates as beyond 128kbps (hell, even 96kbps for that matter) I would imagine the gains on sound quality are minimal for a solid boost to file size. basically given the sound tests around here it seems like 96kbps is pretty much the sweet spot of sound quality/efficiency with Opus (like lowering file size as much as possible with minimal loss (as in not all that noticeable) to the sound quality) as they seem to be around the mid 4's or higher out of 5. so we are talking not far from perfection already.

I feel 96kbps is easily high enough quality to where it's unlikely most people would notice anything negative about it without nit picking with optimal listening environment etc as it's a setting where your not really going to notice anything bad when your just enjoying your music (hell, maybe even lower than 96kbps depending on listening environment etc).

but I think IgorC pretty much summed up most peoples opinions around here in that 96-160kbps (basically 96/128/160(these three have the most votes)) is best as going higher than 160kbps is largely a waste of storage space (basically overkill) and going under 96kbps you start to roll the dice on sound quality loss. that seems to be very similar to AAC to.


Damn. I was satisfied with 80 kbit until few days ago

Yeah, I recently changed to 96kbps from 80kbps as I figure why gamble on sound quality for only a 16kbps difference in space savings especially since we know that 96kbps scores really well on listening tests around here this seems like a safe default choice for many people.

p.s. for my less important music... I been using 64kbps as that seems like a good choice if you want to roll the dice a bit, but not too much. hell, Opus is more usable at lower bit rates, say 64kbps or lower unlike AAC-LC and especially MP3 as it's like the lower the bit rate goes the more Opus shines over AAC-LC/MP3. so from what I can tell around here it seems Opus only has a real advantage over AAC-LC at about 96kbps and lower as once you get into the 128kbps and higher range it don't seem to matter much which encoder you use between Opus/AAC-LC and even MP3 comes into the conservation probably not much beyond the 128kbps range.


For the record, my hearing tops out at 19,300Hz.

I don't know how accurate this stuff is but based on this YouTube video... ; on my PC's Klipsch Pro-Media speakers (which should be above average PC speakers), once it hits about 15000 Hz (maybe a hair over that) I can't no longer hear anything and I don't start hearing anything initially til about 25-30 Hz or so.

ill be 39 years old in October. so I assume me not being able to detect the full spectrum is normal for my age? ; or could it be my speakers etc?

but looking around online I found... "Almost everyone can hear 8,000 Hz. People under 50 years of age on average can hear 12,000 Hz. And 15,000 Hz can be heard by people under 40 (and people with better headphones than mine, at least I hope that's what it is). And so on." (source = ) ; so apparently I am normal for my age range. who knows, with quality headphones etc I might be able to go a little higher but I can't see it being much as it's pretty safe for me to say I won't touch your 19300 Hz hearing level.
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