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Foobar cutting off the ends of songs?

I really like Foobar for mobile. I imported MCR - Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge and noticed that each track was up to 20 seconds short. I go back and check my FLAC to see if they're ripped right -- they were. I reencode them to the same QAAC M4A I used at first and then load them into Foobar. Some tracks are still short, but not as bad. I reencode with Nero hoping something would change, but the tracks were still short. I finally just made the tracks into MP3s for my phone and it worked, but I'm curious about if this happens to anyone else and if there's a workaround. I encode basically all of my music with M4A for the phone and would rather not be disappointed by finding out that the tracks are being cut short. By the way, the tracks aren't short in Windows Media Player, just when I launch them into Foobar on my phone.