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General Audio / Re: 16 bits is more than enough
Last post by Porcus -
We have to re-educate each new generation (10-12 years) eh?

16 bits are already enough...

I am not sure if the grand misconceptions are "at the 17th bit". Rather I suppose that what makes the quacks rich would rather be
* Sampling rates in the six-figures - current record (?) 768k, to capture the degradation when running a 352.8 DXD through an analog tape.   Sure this is always 24 bit, but 24 bits isn't enough to impress anyone, so ... that other number must increase. (Of course the "third" number - channel count - would make an audible difference!)
* DSD. Just an impressive bit-rate and file size, but quite a useless format for audio that has been processed.
* The MQA scam. Tidal has put their CDDA FLAC streaming at mid-tier, but it touts above-CDDA to be from the "Master". Yeah they still tout bit rate, but that is now a secondary marketing spin. And MQA isn't the master, it is a lossy damn lie.
* Old fashioned gear alchemy. $10 worth of components in $100 wrapping (= painting the components black, and putting them in a low-run custom-made shiny enclosure) to sell for $1000.

(What I am waiting for is an artist to offer their 352.8/24 DXD with the explanation "I know you cannot hear the difference, but this is the file I produced on my workstation and sent off. If you kinda want what left the artist's hand, then this is it."
Optionally "For an extra charge, I can downconvert it for you and add a signed PDF saying 'This file created from DXD on the orders of [your name]'." More honest than selling the bitrate itself.)
MPC / Re: MusePack support on Android (foobar2000)
Last post by john33 -
I can play mpc files on Android 11 from an SD card. I haven't tried WavPack or Monkeys. I had to select the SD card from within the Media Library and allow it scan. It took a while as there is about 170GB of music on the card. This was caused by a recent Android security update, I think, as previously the SD card showed up as External storage in Foobar. It no longer does but I was able to include the files as indicated above.
MPC / Re: MusePack support on Android (foobar2000)
Last post by Peter -
Android filesystem is a giant pain in the ***.

I spent countless dev hours on this, comparable only to Windows Phone nonsense. It's like they've been learning from Windows Phone, only making things even lamer.

I can only recommend using 'foobar2000 music folder' for all your media, which resides in foobar2000 profile (which means, gets deleted with removal of foobar2000 and cannot be managed with other apps). It's free of all these annoyances and doesn't require ridiculously complex Java code on my end to access.