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MPC / Re: MusePack support on Android (foobar2000)
Last post by bryant -
However, it is really concerning/troubling to hear your experiences. Very stupid decision by Google if that's what they did, arbitrarily limit file access by type.
And... does it actually verify each file content? Or is it based on file name extension? If the latter, maybe it could be worked around (if the player doesn't care about file name extension)?
I only had an hour to try different things as we needed to leave for the airport, but one thing I did try was renaming a folder full of WavPack files to .mp3 and trying to copy those using Foobar2000's ftp server. That worked (unlike the WavPack files), but they wouldn't play. I would be a little surprised if their security mechanism would be that easily circumvented, but I did just verify that Foobar2000 mobile will not accept files that it ordinarily handles if they have the wrong extension (unlike most Linux software that doesn't seem to know what extensions are).

Another thing I may try is embedding some WavPack files in Matroska. That container is supported by both Foobar and Android, so we'll see if Android is parsing for the actual codec used. What would be funny is if all Android media apps could play WavPack in Matroska, but since they're not using FFmpeg that's probably not likely.
FLAC / Foobar Streaming FLAC as WAV
Last post by Bigpadg -
So I just quit Subsonic and switched to foobar to act as my DLNA music server on my Windows laptop. Using Flacbox on my iPhone, playback of foobar tracks works fine and the track order within albums remains intact, but all my FLAC files are getting displayed - and played - as WAV, even though in foobar I’ve added FLAC as one of the file types to never convert. 
WMP music server streams Flacbox the same files in their correct FLAC format. Only problem with WMP is track-order within albums is alphabetical.
Anyone know how I can easily stream my flac out of foobar server to Flacbox, and then - I forgot to mention - casting it to Chromecast Audio?
Thanks in advance.
MPC / Re: MusePack support on Android (foobar2000)
Last post by bryant -
@bryant, David, it's a Motorola 5 5G, 2-3 years old on Android 11. I seem to recall that Motorola provide a fairly 'plain vanilla' version of Android, unlike many of the others.
Okay, thanks. My wife's phone is also a Motorola (G Power), but newer than yours. And yes, I have been happy that Moto's phones are not bloated with anything extraneous, but this is obviously not a welcome change.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Lock a playlist
Last post by marc2k3 -
I suspect most people are averse to using javascript-y playlist managers/playlist viewers but there are 2 included with my JScript Panel component which provide easy access to a playlist lock dialog.

They also show padlock icons to show what is locked or not. And if you apply a lock preventing the removal/renaming of playlists, the right click menu items are grayed out too.

This is JS Smooth Playlist Manager...

JS Playlist also has its own playlist manager which can be accessed by middle clicking on the panel.

Note that it can only manage locks applied by itself. If you lock playlists with other components you have to use that component to manage it.

edit: if anyone is thinking "Ah Spider Monkey Panel has these scripts, I shall use those"... you can't. They've not been updated. SMP itself does have lock capabilities but I'm not sure anyone has shared any scripts with that functionality.

General Music Discussion / Favorite 3 songs of
Last post by arepakiller -
has anyone listened to the songs of The Mod Archive? Any special songs that you love or just can't get over? Has anyone  listened the whole (or most of it) File repertory? Probably a silly thread but just wondering, it's around 160.000 files if my memory doesn't fail me here. Probably one of my life objectives that I want to archive before I kick the bucket.