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Crossfader in 1 single file does not work

Hello everyone and Happy New Year,

I have a problem with foobar2000 2.1 x64.
I am looking to record several audio tracks into 1 single file BUT with crossfading processing between songs with Crossmix DSP 0.4 using the Convert function of foobar, I manage to have only one single file as desired, but the tracks are not linked together; there is silence between each song.
I also tried using the plugin supplied originally with foobar: Skip Silence and Crossfader and I still don't have a single file of all my linked songs, I also end up with silences.

I have 1313 files to convert into 87 unique files and the only thing I found to do is to play my files by applying my DSP and to record having connected the digital sound output of my sound card to the Also digital input of this same sound card. There, everything is OK, but I have several hundred hours before finishing.

If anyone has any ideas on how to do this, I would appreciate it.

I understand that there was a long time ago an option to play audio to files instead of a device, but it no longer seems to exist in version 2.1 of foobar that I use or else I need another plugin that I don't not know.

Good day to all

Re: Crossfader in 1 single file does not work

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Tick the check box "Don't reset DSP between tracks - slow, needed for crossfading etc." at the bottom of the Processing section.
By default the converter runs multiple tracks in parallel on several threads. That allows conversion to go fast, but DSPs that need to buffer parts of previous track and see track transitions won't be able to do their job. Toggling the checkbox changes the converter to see the tracks like they are seen during playback.

I think your memory is playing tricks on you and you are thinking about Winamp. It didn't have a converter and instead you switched output device to a dummy output that wrote stuff to disk.


Re: Crossfader in 1 single file does not work

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Thank you, thank you very much,

Indeed, I had not seen this option to check at the bottom of the section.
And it works perfectly.

You are right about my failing memory, it must indeed have been Winamp.

Thank you again really.