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CD Hardware/Software / Re: Enhanced Audio CD Help?
Last post by itisljar -
Well, can't really say, as it differs from CD to CD, there is no standard. I've had a CD once which had three music videos in mpg standard, 320x240 resolution and nothing else. Other had some sort of VR game that worked only on Macintosh.
You'll have to figure it out yourself. If there is no mpg file with music video but some weird extension file with a player, you're on your own to discover what it really is. Sometimes it's just mpg file with wrong extension.
foobar2000 mobile / Re: [Feature request] Extended tags and slightly different sorting behavior
Last post by racheldanae -
OK, so I tried it and that did help in that it separates tracks into separate discs, which makes things considerably less clunky - thanks a lot for that! :-)

Unfortunately, despite the less-clunky track order, the albums are still being merged. To show what I mean, I'm including three attachments. The first two are screenshots of my foobar2000 setup, which show how two recordings of Shostakovich's 5th Symphony have their own separate nodes due to their different dates. In foobar2000 mobile, those same two recordings are merged into a single album with a single cover despite having different dates (the third attachment). I'm wondering if there's a workaround for this as well?
foobar2000 mobile / Android: temporarily non-responsive upon entering a folder with "bad" files
Last post by rman1990 -

[2021-11-29 04:30:53.000] Monitoring: foobar2000 Music Folder : /data/data/com.foobar2000.foobar2000/data/Music
[2021-11-29 04:30:53.000] Build info: ARM 32-bit
[2021-11-29 04:30:53.000] Media library: scan beginning
[2021-11-29 04:30:53.000] Media library: scan ended, changed: no, time: 0:00.014
[2021-11-29 04:30:53.000] FFmpeg version: 4.4
[2021-11-29 04:30:53.000] Startup time : 0:00.073587
[2021-11-29 04:30:53.000] Android device info:
[2021-11-29 04:30:53.000] Manufacturer: XXXXXXXXX
[2021-11-29 04:30:53.000] Product: XXXXXXXXX
[2021-11-29 04:30:53.000] Model: XXXXXXXXX
[2021-11-29 04:30:53.000] API level: 22
[2021-11-29 04:30:53.000] Supported ABIs: arm64-v8a,armeabi-v7a,armeabi
[2021-11-29 04:30:53.000] Last browse view session path: Internal Storage|Download
[2021-11-29 04:30:53.000] Image cache: 147 files, 4.55 MB, removed 19 old entries
[2021-11-29 04:30:54.000] Prepared skin: (800x1183)
[2021-11-29 04:31:10.000] Malformed Ogg stream chain
[2021-11-29 04:31:22.000] Malformed Ogg stream chain
[2021-11-29 04:31:25.000] Malformed Ogg stream chain

15 seconds of non-responsiveness for 3 .opus files generated by NewPipe (and many more when you have a whole folder, and imagine the concern if you can't figure this out!), and many more again upon trying to open the files, or upon closing and reopening the app, whereupon foobar2000 will still be in the same folder and repeat the ordeal.