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Scientific Discussion / Re: Megaphone file sizes make me look into state of VBR
Last post by binaryhermit -
But the fact that now there are 2 sources now who do not know immediately how to fix the biggest problem with vbr for podcasts, the seeking problem, within mp3, like it said on medium says something.
Is it possible that "something" that it says is that those two people, rather than searching for a solution that would allow them to use VBR, went the easy route and just use CBR instead?
CD Hardware/Software / Is the Cambridge Audio Evo CD just an overengineered USB CD drive?
Last post by tehabe -
I can't get it out of my head and my YouTube recommendations. The Evo CD is called a CD transport and it is connected with a 4 pin 2.5 mm TRRRS cable. USB 2.0 has also just 4 pins. So in theory it should be possible to just build a different connector for it. And since audiophiles wouldn't accept to use a simple USB-C cable to connect their expensive gear, they build this USB-TRRRS cable instead.

Would be possible to rewire USB onto a TRRRS cable? Would that have any advantages or disadvantages?

Sadly the device is like $1200 and I can't afford one to take it appart und look what's inside. But I wouldn't be surprised to just find an USB drive combined with some overengineered parts and a nice case.