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WavPack -hhx3 equivalent for SoX?

Encoding to WavPack with SoX always produce a -hh .wv file, no matter what -C FACTOR is specified. Is there any way to use the extra encode processing -xn with SoX?

Re: WavPack -hhx3 equivalent for SoX?

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I just took a look at the SoX source and, yes, the only encoding mode ever selected is very high (-hh), with no extra processing.

I think the easiest thing would be to use the WavPack command-line encoder to re-encode to the settings you desire after generating the WavPack file with Sox. Since it's lossless you're just wasting a little time and the WavPack command-line program makes this really easy. I actually work this way with the abcde CD ripper which doesn't allow me to configure as much as I'd like. I assume if you're using SoX then using another command-line program would not be a stretch.

I haven't build SoX in a long time, but of course it would be pretty easy to modify the source and re-build to use the mode you want, or even use the compression factor to choose modes sort of like FFmpeg does.

Re: WavPack -hhx3 equivalent for SoX?

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you can also maybe output data to stdout as uncompressed and put it as input to wavpack, then there's also no need for temporary files. wavpack supports pipe input, I don't remember if sox supports pipe output but I'm almost certain it does.
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Re: WavPack -hhx3 equivalent for SoX?

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I tried piping sox to wavpack and works very well but the metadata is lost.

Ffmpeg with -compression_level 3 seems a good alternative as it keeps metadata and embedded cuesheet, and produce an identical size, bitrate and MD5 file as the two-step-transcoding with sox and wavpack (same audio MD5), but with mediainfo or fb2k it appears as WavPack normal instead of high, and also the attached images (covers, etc.) are lost.

I will try to rebuild SoX, as it seems to be the best long term solution.

Re: WavPack -hhx3 equivalent for SoX?

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metadata can be copied over as a separate step with another tool(s)... but that's a bit more complicated
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Re: WavPack -hhx3 equivalent for SoX?

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... but with mediainfo or fb2k it appears as WavPack normal instead of high ...
It is a known issue that encoding parameters (e.g., high or fast, extra modes) are not stored by FFmpeg, even though the parameters are used during encoding. I have never considered this a really big deal because it's informational only, but I might look into making a patch for it when I do some other FFmpeg work.

I have not tried it, but FFmpeg can also use libwavpack for encoding, in which case that information would be stored (but I have no idea what else might be different).

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