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Failed to load DLL Error Pop-Up

Every time I open up foobar, I get this pop-up:
Failed to load DLL: foo_midi.dll
Reason: This component is missing a required dependency, or was made for different version of foobar2000.
I've had foobar for years now, and this only started a few weeks ago.

I can still use foobar without issue, but can anyone help me get rid of this?

Re: Failed to load DLL Error Pop-Up

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Are you on current foobar and foo_midi ? (by pqyt) or previous foo_midi (by kode54) - the latter page does mention needing Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 C++ runtimes.

Re: Failed to load DLL Error Pop-Up

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How do I tell?

If I download the current one, will it simply replace the old one should I have that?

Re: Failed to load DLL Error Pop-Up

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I decided to uninstall and reinstall foobar, and the problem was fixed.