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Disable tag caching of specific tags on v2

I'm having some problems transitioning from v1.6 to v2 due to ram restrictions on x32 versions (since SMP is currently incompatible with x64).

I have all my files tagged with full ChromaPrint fingerprints, something like this:
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For every file. I have +80k tracks on library, and the current ram usage is +2.5 gb. Program crashes as soon as I add a few components or do something extra with it. I also have other tags which personally have zero interest on get them cached (which may be related to other software or mostly unused on foobar).

How can it be disabled? I don't want to disable caching for all tags, just being able to selectively set which ones should be cached, which ones ignored or read from files.

In v1.6 this was possible at the LargeFieldsConfig.txt, + fieldSpam rows. The current v2 design is better, but this possibility seems to have been lost.

Re: Disable tag caching of specific tags on v2

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I'm in the same situation. The RAM usage is always around 2 GB, every operation, like mastagging a large bunch of files, cause foobar to close silently. I have many tags in every file, discogs. musicbrainz, chromaprint, acoustic id, etc and some other very large like comments, biographies, lyrics, etc that don't need to be cached for everyday use.
Some option like the old blacklist will be very useful.

Re: Disable tag caching of specific tags on v2

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As it seems that there is not likely to be a movement in this direction in the near future, I was trying to minimize the impact in memory of excessive quantity and longitude in tags.

First, I get rid of duplicates, like the backup tags created with taggers like foo_discogs. Although some of these tags were big (like release notes, artist profile, etc) the global impact was almost unnoticed. The RAM usage was enormous, to the point that the SMP component crashes randomly without of memory or the entire player get down without even a crash log left behind.

Next step was pointing at the new foo_ID and chroma print tags. Deleting this tags reduce the usage of RAM in more than 50%
With the same number of files first foobar was always at the limit of a 32 app and crashing with every operation that requires a little bit more and without them RAM is about 1 GB,

So until a solution that allow us to unlload this tags or a 64 SMP version that allow us to not be limited by RAM comes out, It is not suitable to use this kind of functionality, at least in my case. With less than 20.000 files tagged with chroma print, I was in a stage when the crashes started to happen even playing a track or loading a playlist.

Re: Disable tag caching of specific tags on v2

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Well I hope foobar devs notice the thread and understand tag caching should had some kind of setting to allow disabling specific tags which are not desired. In x32 is unusable in some cases, and it's just a waste of RAM and processing time in x64.