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Re: [Suggestions / Wishlists] for future updates

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Hi :)

\foobar2000\profile\dsp-presets folder is very convenient.

But, I want you to remove the character limit and frame limit of DSP chain presets.

Hi :)

foobar2000 v2.0 beta 13 32bit 64bit:
DSP Manager > Active DSPs > DSP chain > presets

Standard installation: \AppData\Roaming\foobar2000-v2\dsp-presets\.fb2k-dsp
Portable installation: foobar2000\profile\dsp-presets\.fb2k-dsp

.fb2k-dsp name can now be edited.
It has a long name. Reflected after editing.

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Re: [Suggestions / Wishlists] for future updates

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I would really like foobar2000 to support seeking when playing files over HTTP(S) when the server reports Content-Length.

Even if it's done inefficiently, like multiple requests following a single seek.
And downloading whole mp3 until the seek point is OK, just want it to work exactly like from a disk, but over HTTP using Range header.

Ideally, on the first seek request foobar2k would make a second connection to check if the server actually supports Range/206, and if it doesn't would disable seeking for this file.

Huge thanks in advance!

Re: [Suggestions / Wishlists] for future updates

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A Screensaver function would be nice.
To save my oled burning in and waisting energy it would be nice if the program weakens the brightness to a lower level after xx min.


Re: [Suggestions / Wishlists] for future updates

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Seems to me that's outside the scope of foobar. That's more of an OS thing.

Re: [Suggestions / Wishlists] for future updates

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Any plans for:
-  'stream selector' element to Default User Interface toolbar and
- new audio output device management features - unwanted devices can be disabled, bit depth and DSP can be configured per-device (both from v2) to be implemented in v1.6....?

Re: [Suggestions / Wishlists] for future updates

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I am basically spamming at this point, but Please! hear me out, there are full width character versions for all the illegal unicode characters, in this unicode website there is a list of all full-width characters, putting in the term "Fullwidth" in the search field will bring up the list. Please! look into this topic.

Re: [Suggestions / Wishlists] for future updates

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Is there any chance to implement a native playback rate (tempo/Pitch independent) in the final 2.0 release?