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Re: De-emphasis components

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Does anyone here know why mudlord's foo_dsp_deemph component is not available on the Foorbar2000 components webpage anymore?

Because I thought lvqcl's stuff completely replaces it :/
Thanks for the reply!

Sounds like one more reason to try and get lvqcl's plugin into the official components' list.

Re: De-emphasis components

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Ok, I learned something new today.  I've been using fb2k for years, but just very rudimentarily.  (Just to play CDs, or MP3 or FLAC files burned to CD-Rs.)  I finally wanted to figure out how to deemphasize properly.

I just figured out, that it doesn't work on the fly.  I mean, I play a song right now, and I add the tag and value, deemphasis won't start until I *replay* the song.  Duh.  This is very cool though, I'm using the dsp_deemph version, because I play MP3 sometimes ...  :)

Re: De-emphasis components

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Any chance of FB V2.x  32/64 compliant versions? (please)

Re: De-emphasis components

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Until we get a proper compile fromlvqcl I got a friend to do this plain x64 compile with no alterations done. 


Re: De-emphasis components

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Could foo_deemph be made to read 'FLAGS PRE' that already exist in my EAC/Cueripper cue sheets. I ask because I don't believe it is possible for foobar to read 'PRE-EMPHASIS' tag from an external cue sheet, eg, 'REM PRE_EMPHASIS yes'.

I also think it would be great if de-emphasis turned on automatically for tracks with PRE flag set in cuesheet. Would this be difficult to implement?
Is the main issue for the implementation of flag based auto de-emphasis that components cannot easily (or at all) read per-track FLAGS in cuesheet?