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The format is absolutely lossy.
Yeah, yeah, but 3 out of 2 audiophiles in the room can't hear this, if you read the patent.

Anyway, these tests are of little relevance, as the dotard messiah has spoken now.

"I knew Albert Einstein. Albert Einstein was a friend of mine. Robert, you're no Albert Einstein."
General Audio / Re: May i ask some question pls
Last post by pdq -
I suggest that you post in the foobar forum. They should be able to help you.
General Audio / May i ask some question pls
Last post by medico6601 -
Hi there, I'm a newbie เล่นคาสิโนบนมือถือ
I want fb2000 to pick up all my playlists in my exterior drive when I open it on my android, I've tried to put them in the same folder as the songs and put them on my Playlist folder in my exterior drive to no avail.  The only way I can play them is if I go straight into the folder where the playlist is located and tap on the playlist and choose to open with foobar.
Any suggest would be great
ARE WE BACK YET? The internet just isn't the same without
Reporting success on Cyrus Lyric 09.
Test environment: Win8.1 (64bit), Foobar2000 v1.3.16, UPnP MediaRenderer Output 1.0 beta 15
Cyrus Lyric 09 with firmware 2.3 as UPnP Renderer
Music source: HQ internet radio 320kbps MP3

Output data format: OK for all 16/24/32-bit
Issue: After changed to other output data format, connection between Cyrus Lyric 09 and foobar upnp output is lost (Unrecoverable playback error: UPnP device error: could not connect), need to power off/power on Cyrus Lyric 09 to get work again

Wish: Cyrus Lyric 09 only shows "foobar2000 audio stream", while foobar can show Title & Artist information. Hope UPnP Renderer site can get synced with foobar.
Opus / Re: Point of transparency of Opus 1.2
Last post by OgGy -
You can download them here:
killer samples

The artifact is like some high frequency aliasing, steam puff ?

Anyway, as from opus@112kbps it becomes more difficult to ABX the samples, please find the results attached.

The Core Audio encoder seems to provide the best quality at the moment.
Damn, installing the thing on Linux is not that easy. I just had to download a whole bunch of dlls before qaac agreed to work.
Opus / Re: Point of transparency of Opus 1.2
Last post by Funkstar De Luxe -
Could someone please point me to where I can download these 'killer' samples? I'd like to try some ABX myself.

Also, OgGy, what made these so easy to identify? Is it pre-echo, hf roll off, something else?
Good evening!

Good people, I am searching for one specific model of CD player, quite old, from the 80's IIRC, which had display of CD quality - I think it displayed level of error correction used. It was, IIRC, in a form of meter.
Can you remember the model? I think it was Technics, but it might be Sony.
I have no memory of that feature on any CD player, but back in that day I did open up a Sony player and with the service manual found a point on the digital audio board I could probe with a scope and see the error detection action.  I think it was a logic high for detection, logic low for normal.  That signal could have been easily buffered, integrated and metered. 

But back then our problem then was more about some players that were more picky about disc condition than others, and laser aging.  The indicator would have been hyper sensitive and reflect several different causes for bad disc reads. 

Why do you want that now?
General Audio / Re: Album Art Downloader XUI
Last post by AlexVallat -
I have a PC running Windows 10 Pro 64bits with .NET Framework v4.7: do I have to install v3.5 or is Album Art Downloader installer supposed to work with the latest Framework?
Sorry, it does require v3.5 to be installed too.