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Its a heck of an effect. Try an audio fashion jewelry show sometime, its even funnier.
I had enough laughs when I looked up his MP-1. Might've cut it back in the '40s but two huge boxes and 16 valves just for a pre-amp? Even Mullard's didn't need half that many back in the '50s.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: JScript Panel
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What is the name of the global context in JScript Panel? I have been trying to use it alongside Webpack. I can make it work with a few hacks but if I can just straight up access the global variable I would take it.
global = this

That only works when you're on the top level. If you're calling functions on different contexts (bound functions, as methods, etc), of course this will not point to the global object. In my case I was using a module loader/bundler. Sometimes you may need access to the global within those contexts.

Anyways, I've read a bit, I'm not too sure yet but I found out that the global object is not directly accessible. So there is no other way to access it other than the this keyword or a few quite ugly hacks like so:

Code: [Select]
// in non-strict mode
var _global = (function(){
    return this;

Just posting as a reference to others who encounters the same problem.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_youtube
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That's a shame =(

I think I've encountered another bug:
Some videos return empty %playback_time% (i.e. equal to '?' after eval).
Example links:

Regression happened somewhere between v2.0.2 (correct value) and and v2.1 (no value).

Could not test with v2.0.3 since it's link on is dead (it is dead for v2.0.2 as well)
"Sensitivity" in general means the input terminal expects something with at least 700 or 900mV max output. For example -10dBV (0.316Vrms) is the standard for consumer equipment, it doesn't mean 0.316Vrms is the maximum allowed voltage.

2Vrms max output is pretty common in consumer AV products, if it is as loud as the optical input, it is a good sign of ideal voltage. Don't worry and just use it.
The hole's getting deeper, it might be prudent to quit while you're behind?
In his mind he can go back to Dunning-Kruger corner and revel in victory with the inmates. He showed those HA LoFiers incontrovertible proof of silent HiFi vinyl, despite the usual remonstrations.
Its a heck of an effect. Try an audio fashion jewelry show sometime, its even funnier.
Time to update your signature, delete all your vinyl rips and throw away your 32/384 ADC greynol. You need to buy a Zoom and rip your vinyls with the built-in mic. :))  :))  :))
Transform from a "LoFier" to a "HiFi" guy. Got a nice sneak preview of the kind of sound, those stricken with audiophile disorder are experiencing. You can't make this stuff up.  ;)
Audio Hardware / Re: Which RCA input to use, 700mv or 900mv?
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The difference between 700 mv sensitivity and 900 mv sensitivity is about 2 dB which is rarely enough to make a significant difference. The one with the higher voltage is going to be little louder all things considered, but you may not be able to reliably hear the difference with rapidly varying audio signals like music. You should be able to use them interchangeably.
The one with the lower voltage (700mv) is actually the one that's quite a bit louder (I don't have any measurement gear, but it sounds louder than just +2db, but obviously I can't be sure.) It is exactly as loud as the optical S/PDIF connection, in fact.

However, other than that, I assume I don't have to worry about any issues caused by using a line-out that has a wrong voltage? (Whenever something has "voltage" in the name, I immediately get paranoid about equipment damage.)
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_youtube
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Tried the latest beta and could not reproduce the bug with art anymore. Thanks for fixing that!
Yes, using your example I was able to reproduce and fix it. Thank you.

Is it possible to implement some sort of YT authentication so as to play private playlists/videos from YT account?
One of the advantages of running differential circuits is lower noise. My concern was thus increased noise in doing a direct connection since I would be loosing the differential operation...

Again, you're simply revealing your lack of understanding. Differential inputs are for rejecting common-mode noise*, which is rarely an issue in a domestic hi-fi situation, hence why it's uncommon.

I did prove my point despite the usual remonstrations.

The hole's getting deeper, it might be prudent to quit while you're behind?

* noise in the sense of unwanted signals, not noise in the sense of white noise due to unavoidable factors