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WavPack / Re: Support for 64bit wav
Last post by tehabe -
It is not about sound, it is about the file itself, currently WAV uses 32 bit fields, which limits the size of the file and therefore the length of the music you can record. 64 bit files can be way bigger and you can record instead of just six and half hours of two channels with 16 bit and 44.1 kHz you can record over 3 million years.
MPC / Re: Do Musepack's inherently fast decoding speeds still mean anything?
Last post by saratoga -
Claims about Decoding speed (unrelated to musepack) have quite often struck me as odd. I have many times considered making a threat about it, but wasn't sure how to phrase it. For example on this website we find the claim that Opus is supposed to be about as fast as AAC and musepack is supposed to be about as fast as Mp3, both being faster (almost 3 times) than Opus and AAC.

I absolutely can not reproduce this behaviour. A quick test on my random laptop using the decoding speed test plugin in foobar2000 (single threaded) gives me about 252x realtime speed for Opus, 587x realtime speed for Musepack, ~715 realtime speed for Mp3 and a whopping ~1600x realtime speed for AAC. Maybe this has something to do with hardware decoding support? Or the AAC decoder in ffmpeg has recently been improved? I guess it would also depend on architecture... x86 vs AMD64 vs ARM.

I just can almost never correlate benchmark results I've seen online with what I experience in the real world. Do you know more about this @saratoga ? I think you have some know-how on decoder ... things?

Unless you spent 5 years optimizing each of the codecs in assembly like I (and others) did for that comparison I linked, you can't really do that. You don't know how fast an optimized decoder would be on a given device, only how fast some specific windows application is, and that will probably be uncorrelated with mobile device power consumption.

In reality, mp3 is pretty slow, most things are faster at a similar level of optimization due to the hybrid filterbank. Opus is probably a bit slower or maybe the same as mp3. WMA is probably the fastest modern codec, followed closely by MPC and then Vorbis and AAC.

This probably doesn't matter on an Android device. These are all using low power dsp chips for decode such that decoder time is negligible compared to other things. In rockbox it matters a lot more since there is nothing but decode consuming power.
WavPack / Re: Support for 64bit wav
Last post by saratoga -
As far as I can make out, 64bit float wav would only be of use for true 32bit audio interfaces
Most audio interfaces are now 24bit..
(32bit is actually 24 bit, and 64bit would be 48bit)

Interfaces that take 24 or 32 bit samples certainly exist, but none can actually use 24 bits making this irrelevant. No sense fretting about data your D/A discards anyway.
WavPack / Re: Support for 64bit wav
Last post by kC_ -
> But I did a test project and it hasn't caused any downsides either

How about 2x the disk footprint for no redeeming benefit?
Yep indeed!!
I really can't see/hear any benefits, and as you said just the space usage.

As far as I can make out, 64bit float wav would only be of use for true 32bit audio interfaces
Most audio interfaces are now 24bit..
(32bit is actually 24 bit, and 64bit would be 48bit)

My interfaces are 24bit so indeed recording at 64bit is just a waste of space... But interesting none the less and maybe for future proofing wavpack this 64bit wav should be supported.

There are a few true 32bit interfaces (the mytek Brooklyn for example is one) which would benefit from 64bit float (as in reallity 32bit float is 24bit and 64bit float is 48bit)

Anyway just a thought for any future wavpack releases!

Support - (fb2k) / Re: Add Folder issue
Last post by sajog159 -
Hi, its to late (here in Budapest) to play with laptop options. Will try tomorrow
What I can say now:
- I cannot change the size of mentioned window on laptop. No idea why.
- On the other hand the dimensions of this window can be changed on desktop`s fb2k but it is impossible to modify it when Select and No knobs cannot be seen.

Thanks for replay anyway (solution on lapton now is drag Folder on the area of playlist)
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foobar2000 DeskBand Controls
Last post by eldarien -
Revup67 - Unfortunately your description is not enough to understand what went wrong in your case. The normal process should look like this:
1. Download component file from here:
2. Right click this file, select "Properties". In the properties window find "Unblock" checkbox and check it. Click ok.
3. Double-click component file. foobar2000 player should open and ask you "Do you want to continue?". Click "yes".
4. Component will appear in components list (unloaded). Click "Ok". foobar2000 will ask if you want to restart it. Click "Ok".
5. On foobar2000 restart a UAC window will open. Allow it to proceed (click "yes").
6. A console installer will run. There should be no errors in it. If it says "Types registered successfully. Installation completed." then you  are good. Close console window.
7. Now, right-click on taskbar and in "Toolbars" submenu there should be "Deskband Controls" item. You may have to wait a few seconds and right-click taskbar again as it may not appear instantly in the list.
8. After you clicked on "Deskband Controls" menu item start some music and you should see the deskband.

Hope this helps.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foobar2000 DeskBand Controls
Last post by Revup67 -
Hi thanks for the note.  My mistake, the "buttons' feature is not part of Deskband.  Ultimately Deskband within the Foobar toolbar never shows up though the Deskband Component installs successfully within Foobar 1.4 (shows up in components).  I did find the complete extraction in the roaming folder as suggested.  I followed the uninstall instructions exactly.  Removed the component in Foobar.  There was nothing to disable in Toolbar so I simply did a "reset' in toolbar as a just in case to default values.  Ran the uninstall as an Admin and it showed success, ran Explorer.  I thought all was good until I opened Foobar and got this error:  ABORT : IGNORE "RETRY as a component failed.  After looking around for some time I found a new folder in the Roaming folder called "Pending".  In the Pending folder was the Component for Deskband with Zero bytes.  After removing this file and the pending folder, Foobar opened again normally as if nothing had ever occurred.  I hope this helps you as I was unsuccessful in getting Deskband to work on Win 10 / 64 bit /8gig ram / SSD drive. - thank you
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