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@citriodorus : don't be surprised if after fixing your issue with "MacType" under Windows 10 you will encounter another problem - if you use MS Office 2013/2016. My parallel Win 10 installation provided me with foobar's crash after I was opening window to pick destination for saving files from Converter component. What was causing that? Office's "grooveex.dll" file. located in :
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\VFS\ProgramFilesX86\Microsoft Office\Office16\  (on my 64bit OS, with my Office 2016).
To fix this I had to rename / delete this dll, to avoid it being loaded by either foobar or Explorer. But after every Office update file was recreated :) . And crashes occurred again. Now I'm on Win 7 and don't plan to run Win 10 for longer time...

Windows 10 and its updates at their best...
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: JScript Panel
Last post by J.Fleming -
Any chance of a non SSE2 build?


I thought maybe version 1.1.0 might work, but sadly, the author has removed all binaries on Github earlier than version 1.2.4.

Edit - I'm trying to run this on a XP machine. Saw in the changelog that 1.3.0 drops IE8/IE7/WINE support. So I tried 1.2.4 and got the same error. It's SSE2 related. Wish I knew how to compile it so I could try to do so with SSE2 support disabled.
General - (fb2k) / Re: New HDD and Mass lossless conversion
Last post by Porcus -
Some of them can't even by renamed by Windows ! (F2 doesn't work on them).
Microsoft stupidity ... other file managers can handle it, e.g. 7-zip.
Concerning Flash Video, is there any reason not to remux them?

Edit: oh, should have read the rest of zeremy's post.

Both of these links are now dead. In fact, the second one leads to malware (unless an ad blocker is installed).

If someone has this could they please upload it as a forum attachment?
Just today noticed that I would get CPU max in foobar. It happens only when single clicking on an .mp3 file and highlighting it in the Playlist. Does not happen on wavs. Start foobar, no spike. Add file, no spike. Single click on .mp3 in playlist, CPU core maxes and stays maxed no matter what I do in Foobar until Foobar is closed.

Nailed the problem down to foo_uie_biography.dll, specifically to the Wikipedia source. Remove "Wikipedia" from "Current source list" and the problem goes away.

Not sure if this is temporary, fixable, etc., but just posting the info in case it's useful to anyone.
If your priority is the headphones, buy them, see if your DAP gets loud enough, and if not, buy a small headphone amp. A Topping NX1 is 30 euros on eBay.

If using an amp is too cumbersome for you, return the headphones and pick another model with more reasonable specs. There's a ton of great headphones that can be driven by a DAP.

P.S. What headphones are those, btw?
General Audio / Re: Are we too polite to subjectivists?
Last post by skamp -
The audiophiles are more neo-subjectivists.

They are pseudo-subjectivists

They are alt-subjectivists.
General Audio / Re: Are we too polite to subjectivists?
Last post by krabapple -
Those audiophiles aren't subjectivists, Floyd Toole ans Sean Olive are subjectivists.
The audiophiles are more neo-subjectivists.

They are pseudo-subjectivists

What does that even mean?

What does 'neo subjectivists' mean, for that matter?

Both labels get to the fact that scientists like Toole and Olive who study human aural perception are 'subjectivist' as well as 'objectivist', in that psychoacoustic science absolutely depends on subjective data (listener reports of difference or preference) as well as on objective data (measurement).   Where would their work on loudspeaker preference, for example, be without the component of *subjective* reports of what sounds better or worse?  Where would HA's own codec ratings be?

See chapter 2 of Toole's book for more. 

What self-professed audio 'subjectivists' really are, is superstitious. And they don't really trust their ears, because what a DBT does is force them to rely *only* on their ears....and that galls them.

Listening Tests / Re: Directsound vs WASAPI vs ASIO
Last post by Chibisteven -
It's not unimaginable that sirius! indeed has differences between WASAPI and ASIO. Asus has a history of messing things up in drivers. In 2011 at least they hooked DirectSound and broke volume control and their WASAPI didn't have direct access to output but was doing something special instead.

I learned their monitors suck.  Couldn't get good color out of it and the color profile didn't even work on Windows 10 but was offered on their site for Windows 10, ended up sending it back and getting a monitor from a different brand around the same price.  Not surprised by that statement.  Maybe they like to "drive" people crazy.