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How make image in subfolder showing for album cover?

Hello how can we make Foobar see the first image in the album sub folder please?


Re: How make image in subfolder showing for album cover?

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What do you mean by "first"?

Are you talking about the Album Art Viewer in the DUI?

In File > Preferences > Advanced > Display > Album Art there are options to prefer embedded art (as tags in the music file) or "external" (which I take to mean image files in the album folder - I don't use it).  In File > Preferences > Display > Album Art there are controls to define the folder path and what the search strings should be and in what order.

If by "first" you mean "oldest", or "first alphabetically", then I doubt anything can be done except to write some Javascript.

Re: How make image in subfolder showing for album cover?

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I guess I know what you are looking for because I have a similar thing set up.
I have no covers saved in any tags. All my covers are stored seperately in an extra folder I called "albumart". In case of an album cover I call the jpg of the albumart simply "cover.jpg".
Occasionally individual tracks are also 7" singles of CD Singles released  For theses tracks I want to see the 7" single cover instead of the album cover. So I also set up a sub folder to "albumart" which I call "alternative cover" - and there would go the cover of the 7" release.
In order to make the system look in  into the subolder to "albumart" first you need to do this:

In f2k "preferences" you find the section "albumart".
I now give you my code (which has been working for me flawlessly for years now) as an example (where H:\mp3 is the root folder for my music files)

albumart\alternative cover\%filename%.jpg

h:\mp3\$meta(item,1)\albumart\alternative cover\%filename%.jpeg
albumart\alternative cover\%filename%.jpeg
h:\mp3\$meta(item,1) \albumart\%filename%.jpeg

I hope I could help you or at least give you some ideas of how to do it :-)

Re: How make image in subfolder showing for album cover?

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Thank you both for the help but I still have not found how to do it

Look in the album folder for an image (album folder)  FB2k does it already, good but can I do this?:
If nothing found then look inside the album sub folder IF there is no album art found in the album folder

Re: How make image in subfolder showing for album cover?

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File>Preferences>Display>Album Art>Front

Just add this after the existing filename patterns. They're all processed in order from top to bottom until an image is found.